What Are the Best Exercises to Trim the Waist?

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There are many exercises that promise to trim the waist and eliminate fat in that area, but the truth is, a truly trim waist can only come from one thing: aerobics. Although plenty of exercises may help to strengthen and tone an already slim waist, the only way to eliminate fat from the waist is by doing fat-burning, aerobic exercise. Even doing hundreds of crunches a day will not do much to eliminate fat.

This is because it is not possible to target fat in one specific area of the body; it simply doesn't work that way. Therefore, to trim the waist, and get in shape, it is necessary to start a regular aerobics program, and make it a habit. Experts generally recommend performing aerobics between three and five days per week, for thirty to forty-five minutes per session. An aerobic activity is one that increases the heart rate for a sustained period of time.

Some excellent aerobic activities that can help burn fat and trim the waist include brisk walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, or even dancing. As the heart rate increases, the body will begin to burn calories and stored energy. This is the method that helps to remove fat stores from the entire body, waist included. It is important to get enough sleep and to drink enough water, which will also help to encourage weight loss.


Once a regular aerobic exercise routine has begun, other exercises can help target the area, and trim the waist by toning the muscles. Pilates and yoga, two programs which spend a great deal of time focusing on the muscles in the core, are excellent ways to trim the waist. The core muscles include the abdominals, obliques, and the muscles along the sides of the spine. Any exercises that strengthen the core muscles can help to prevent injury from bending, lifting, or twisting, which is another benefit.

It is not necessary to follow a specific exercise program in order to do waist-slimming exercises. Crunches, side crunches, leg lifts, bridges, and side plank exercises are all floor exercises that target the waist. For instructions on how to perform these, it is best to search online; there are many free instructional diagrams and videos available. It takes effort and persistence to trim the waist, because it is a notoriously difficult area from which to lose weight. It is important to do so, however, not just for the appearance of a slimmer waist, but for an overall healthy body.


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Post 2

I have read a lot about health and fitness and it is my understanding that circuit training is the best kind of exercise because it provides the benefits of weight training and aerobic exercise at the same time.

The idea of circuit training is this. You do one exercise right after the other with minimal rest in between. Ideally you design a series of exercises that targets all the major muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. Unlike traditional weight training that focuses on pumping isolated muscle groups, circuit training is about getting your whole body into the mix.

I have been working out this way for about 5 months now and I have seen amazing

results. I immediately lost some fat and I've seen muscle growth like I did when I was a teenager. There are lots of great circuit routines that people have designed that you can find online. This is definitely the way to go if you are going to the gym.
Post 1

This article places its focus in the right place. Too many people think that they can get nice looking well defined muscles just by lifting weights. The truth is that you can lift all the weights in the world, if you don't trim fat off your waist line you will never have abs that show. And the way to trim fat is to get your heart beating.

There are lots of ways to to this and some are definitely better than other. It is a common misconception that long distance running is the best aerobic exercise. In fact a combination of sprints and moderate jogging stimulates your metabolism better than a long sustained run. Swimming is another great way

to burn calories because it engages the entire body and the water provides a mild resistance which increases the stress of the exercise.

Sticking to a routine of aerobic exercise and being strict about your diet are the best ways to trim down the waist. It is tough at first but once you get over the hump and start seeing results it will be hard to stop.

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