What are the Best Exercises for Sagging Breasts?

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The best exercises for sagging breasts are those that target the chest muscles. Various forms of chest presses are perhaps the most effective way to prevent or lift sagging breasts. Push ups and pectoral flys also can be very effective. It also is possible to prevent the breasts from sagging simply by wearing proper sports bras while exercising.

Chest press exercises are the most effective exercises for preventing sagging breasts. The most common form of chest press is the bench press. The athlete lies on a weightlifting bench while holding a barbell above her, in line with her nipples. Then, she bends her elbows to gently lower the bar toward her chest. When the bar is an inch (2.5 centimeters) above her chest, she pushes the weight back up until her arms are straight. This exercise will help to strengthen the chest muscles and enables them to provide better support for the breasts.

There are a number of variations of the bench press, and performing these variations can help maximize the benefits of the lifts with regard to sagging breasts. Instead of using a barbell, an athlete can use a set of dumbbells. Also, it is possible to perform this exercise while at an incline or a decline. Push ups also are beneficial, becaue they involve the same sets of muscles that the bench press engages and thus provide many of the same benefits.


Another important upper body exercise that will help to prevent sagging breasts is the pectoral fly. To perform this chest exercise, the athlete lies on a bench with each hand holding a dumbbell straight up in the air. She should rotate her arms so that her palms are facing each other. Then, with her elbows slightly bent, she lowers her arms toward the floor so that, at the lowest point, her arms will be pointing straight out from her body in each direction. The athlete then uses her pectoral muscles to raise her arms back to their original position.

In addition to these chest exercises, it is important that women perform other arm, back and cardiovascular exercises. These exercises will help to ensure that the women are able to gain the full benefit of the chest exercises. Focusing only on chest exercises will result in an imbalance in the muscles of the body.

In addition to performing these exercises, female athletes also can help prevent their breasts from sagging by ensuring that they have proper support while exercising. A lot of exercises can cause the breasts to move, and this will, over time, cause them to sag. Wearing a sports bra will help to reduce this cause of sagging breasts.


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Surgery may be the best option for this problem, but do your homework and find a qualified plastic surgeon before you choose this invasive solution to improve your breasts.

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Though exercise may help a little when it comes to sagging breasts, unfortunately surgery is the only thing that will really make them toned and firm.

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