What are the Best Colon Cleansing Foods?

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Most nutritionists and alternative medicine practitioners agree that the most effective colon cleansing foods are raw fruits, raw vegetables, and juices made from raw fruits and vegetables. There are a number of colon cleansing diets that one can follow — some that include following a raw diet, some that are based on the use of herbal supplements with raw foods and whole grains, and others that are based on juice fasting. It is also possible to improve one's colon health by incorporating more colon cleansing foods into one's daily diet. This sort of permanent alteration to one's diet is a healthy way to keep the colon healthy without taking dramatic measures such as going on a juice fast. By incorporating high fiber fruits and vegetables into one's diet, the colon can be cared for on an ongoing basis.

Raw fruits and vegetables are at the top of the list of colon cleansing foods, but it is also possible to improve colon health by consuming fruits and vegetables that have gone through some cooking processes. Yams, for example, are high in fiber, but few people enjoy eating them raw. Consuming a baked yam, despite the cooking process, is still a great way to get a good dose of fiber that will help to cleanse the colon. In general, baked or steamed vegetables are still considered to be good colon cleansing foods.


A great way to incorporate colon cleansing foods into one's diet is to eat salads on a regular basis. Be sure to eat a variety of types of salads. Instead of sticking with iceberg lettuce or romaine all the time, try rocket lettuce, spinach, and mixes of greens. Get creative with the toppings so that eating salads on a regular basis does not become boring. Vegetable toppings that are on the list of colon cleansing foods include corn, broccoli, and carrots. Consider adding fruits such as dried cranberries or apple slices, which can add a sweetness and a tartness to the salad.

Dried fruits in general are considered to be very good colon cleansing foods. This includes dried apples, mangoes, figs, berries, and all sorts of other dried foods. These can be eaten alone as a snack or added to cereals or salads. Prunes, which have been used for ages to improve regularity, are also wonderful for colon cleansing. Much like other fruit and vegetable juices, prune juice aids in colon cleansing as well.


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