What are the Best Cold Weather Gloves?

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While different types of gloves are designed for different reasons, the main function of cold weather gloves is to keep the hands warm during the winter months or in any environment where the hands are likely to become cold. Choosing the best gloves depends on several factors, including the degree of cold that the individual will endure and what the individual will be doing while wearing the gloves.

For general wear while outside, something as simple as knitted mittens may be ideal. This is true when the weather is cold but precipitation and wind are relatively low. The mittens may be made of cotton or wool, and offer a degree of warmth that is sufficient for short periods. Mittens are ideal for children playing outside or for quick shopping trips.

When something a little more robust is required but finger dexterity is still important, cold weather gloves made with a shell of soft leather or vinyl teamed with a lining of cashmere are often excellent options. Gloves of this type are often appropriate for driving, shopping, or taking walks around the neighborhood. Since they tend to be somewhat dressy in design, they are also ideal for pairing with a trench coat or similar long coat when going to work in an office.


For people who work outdoors in cold weather, dexterity is only one of the considerations that go into selecting cold weather gloves. While the devices do need to allow the fingers to move freely when using tools or operating machinery, they generally must be thick enough to keep the hands warm for several hours at a time. Gloves of this type tend to have a thicker shell made of waterproof material, coupled with thick inner liners for warmth. The liner may be filled with down or some type of insulate such as Gore-tex®.

Because the choice of cold weather gloves has a lot to do with the exact weather conditions and the activities the individual will engage in while wearing the gloves, it is not unusual for people to own several different pairs. This makes it possible to select thinner gloves when the temperature is more moderate and not complicated with wind, sleet, or snow. Heavier gloves may be worn while shoveling the snow from the driveway or while working outside for long periods of time. Having two or three different types of cold weather gloves can help ensure the individual is prepared for whatever type of winter weather takes place, and that the hands never have to experience severe cold.


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Post 4

Has anyone else bought Italian rabbit fur lined gloves?

The rabbit fur feels really nice and soft.

Post 3

@ Alchemy- I agree with you that mitts are the best when it comes to men’s and women’s cold weather gloves, but I hate wearing them. Mittens are too bulky, and I can't adjust my straps as easy with them. I have never tried trigger mitts, but I prefer low profile gloves. I just keep hot packs in my pockets so I can warm my hands when it gets real wet or cold. Besides, I hate going out when it’s colder than 10 below. The conditions have to be epic for me to go out in that weather.

Post 2

I used to snowboard (I live in the desert now and rarely get to the mountains), and when I needed the best protection from the cold, I always wore my mittens. My favorites are my Grenade Trigger Mitts. These gloves offer the cold protection of mittens, the added dexterity of a free index finger (hence the name trigger mitts), and there is a pocket on the back of the hand that can accommodate a hot pack.

Mittens are great because the hand stays warmer when the fingers can all keep each other warm. Even if a little snow gets inside of the glove and it becomes wet, your fingers still stay relatively toasty. I am outdoors on days when it

drops to thirty below with wind chill, and I have never had a problem when wearing my mittens, plus you can wear thin under gloves so you can take the mittens off for a few, but still keep warm. Mitts are the best extreme cold weather gloves.
Post 1

I am a crochet nut and one of the best loved gifts that I give my family for Christmas is crocheted gloves. They are super warm and everyone loves them!

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