What are the Best Ayurvedic Hair Treatments?

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Ayurvedic hair treatments involve treating not only the hair itself, but also the overall health of the body from the inside out. Beginning an ayurvedic hair treatment usually involves transitioning into a healthy diet so the body can receive the appropriate nutrients to help nourish the hair. This diet usually consists of plenty of raw vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts and dairy products for their valuable amounts of protein. Getting plenty of sleep, managing stress and using a scalp treatment with healthy oils like coconut and sesame seeds oil are all popular ayurvedic hair care treatments.

With ayurveda, holistic approaches to health are always taken to help treat the entire self in both mind and body, rather than only treating the physical self. In essence, the idea is that the mind and body are connected, so if something is done to one aspect of the connection, another thing has to be done to the other aspect of the connection. With ayurvedic hair treatment, for example, a holistic practitioner may prescribe a healthy diet to ensure proper vitamin and mineral intake that will help nourish and grow the hair. He would also prescribe proper stress management techniques and plenty of sleep to help facilitate proper growth and renewal.


Plenty of raw vegetables, fruits and nuts are prescribed to help ensure proper nutrient intake that will aid in hair growth. Most ayurvedic hair treatments involve using diet as the first resort to any health- or beauty-related issue. Fresh dairy products are seen as valuable sources of protein in hair remedies, as proteins aid in growth and repair of the body's systems. Fresh coconut is also very popular in ayurvedic hair treatments, as coconut is known throughout ayurvedic medicine to help nourish the scalp and hair.

Herbs called keshya rasayanas are used widely in ayurvedic hair treatments to help promote the longevity of the hair. These herbs can be sprinkled into food or be infused into hot water and made into a tea to receive their healthy benefits. Also, weekly scalp massage with coconut or sesame oil is used in many ayurvedic hair care treatments. Ayurveda medicine also teaches that the overall health of the body, whether it be the hair or the heart, will not benefit from negative emotions, making stress management and proper sleep important issues to address for proper growth, both physically and mentally.


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