What are the Best Arm Flab Exercises?

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Arm flab is a common problem both with age and weight gain, and it can be difficult to get rid of even with aerobic exercise. Of course, one of the best ways to lose weight over the whole body is through aerobic exercise, but specific arm flab exercises may be needed to eliminate the extra fat on the upper arms. Simple arm flab exercises such as tricep curls and bicep curls are some of the most effective.

To do most arm flab exercises, hand weights will be necessary. Start with a low weight and then gradually work up to heavier weights to prevent injury; the weight is correct if it is challenging to lift, and gradually becomes more challenging with each subsequent repetition, but is not so heavy that it prevents proper weight-lifting form. Proper form is essential when doing any sort of weight lifting, so switch to a lower weight if it is not possible to maintain form with the heavier ones.


Most arm flab exercises target the triceps, because this is where the flab occurs. Search online for instructional videos or diagrams for tricep exercises; one simple tricep exercise is to take a weight in each hand, then slowly pull the weights up the side of the body so the elbows bend and the hands are around the hip area, facing inward. Then, slowly extend the arms back behind the body, then bring them back to the hips and lower the hands. This may be done on one arm at a time if it is too challenging on both.

Bench dips are another one of the best arm flab exercises. In this exercise, sit on the edge of a bench or bed and place the hands next to the hips; slide the body forward, keeping the knees bent until only the hands are still on the bed. Then, slowly lower the body until the elbows are bent to approximately 90 degrees, then use the arms to raise back up; repeat for a few sets. These are just a few of the many exercises that can be used to target arm flab.

Push-ups and bicep curls may also help to strengthen the arms and get rid of arm flab. Another common tricep exercise is to take a hand weight and hold it in both hands; extend the arms up overhead and lower the weight behind the back of the head and neck. Then, raise and lower the weight by using both arms to bring it up over the top of the head and then slowly lower it back behind the head again. In every weight lifting exercise, be sure to go slowly, concentrating on contracting the muscle for the entire repetition; to increase the difficulty, increase sets, reps, or weight over time for any of these exercises.


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