What are the Best Abscess Home Remedies?

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Some of the best abscess home remedies are applications of warm compresses and castor oil. Other effective home remedies for an abscess include the use of essential oils or a paste made from the herb turmeric. Turmeric can also be applied in powdered form. Cumin seeds that have been soaked in a pot of water can be used as a topical treatment for a skin abscess.

There are many types of abscesses that can affect various parts of the body. Some of the most common locations for an abscess are armpits or inside the mouth. An abscess of the gum or tooth can cause extreme pain and become a dental emergency. This is also known as a periodontal abscess.

When the bottom part of a tooth, or even the entire root, becomes infected, an abscess may occur. The infected area will then become filled with fluids and pus. Before treatment from a dentist or oral surgeon can be acquired, abscess home remedies may sustain the patient temporarily. There are antibacterial throat lozenges that may provide temporary relief. Gargling with a solution of salt water can bring some relief to the affected area.


Various herbs can also be used as home remedies for an abscess that also provide toothache relief. Tea tree oil applied directly to the affected area, or clove oil may be worth trying. These oils may be purchased at a health food store. The oils may be dipped in a wad of cotton and applied onto the gums. Biting on raw onions is another home remedy for abscess pain affecting the mouth. Chamomile and ginger root are two common abscess home remedies that seem to help.

With an abscess on the surface of the skin, warm compresses applied at intervals can help drain out the infection and release pus. Warm baths or showers can help as well. If the boil erupts and begins to drain, it is best to apply a sterile bandage to prevent re-infection.

One of the best abscess home remedies is consuming extra fluids. Water can help flush out toxins and poisons from the body. It is best to drink twice the amount as usual for releasing abscess toxins. If inflammation is also present, eating foods such as blueberries and pineapple can provide relief.

Aloe vera contains natural healing properties. This can be purchased as a gel or extracted directly from the leaves of the aloe plant. When applied topically to an abscess, aloe can help promote healing and relieve inflammation that may be associated with certain types of abscess infections.


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Post 3

Turmeric works really well, I read about it for the first time while looking up boil home remedies. I had tried a bunch of ointments from the pharmacy none of which worked so I decided to try turmeric. I made a paste like the article said by adding some water to powder turmeric and applied it on the abscess. I covered it with gauze so that I wouldn't make a mess (that stuff makes everything yellow!)

I did this for three days. The first day, it didn't seem to do anything but the second day, the abscess opened up and started draining. I did it for one more day and it started healing and stopped hurting completely!

I heard that drinking turmeric while doing this makes the treatment even more effective. But there is no way I could drink turmeric, it doesn't smell very good.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Basically anything with antibacterial properties will help with abscesses. In the past, I've used warm salt water to treat them. If the abscess is in the mouth, gargling with salt water helps. If it's on the skin, you can soak some cotton in salt water and hold it over the abscess.

It does hurt a little bit but afterward, there is a lot of relief and the infection is slowly cleared out. So it's definitely worth a shot. I would recommend you to dissolve a lot of salt in hot water, let it cool down a little bit and then gargle with this several times a day concentrating on the abscess.

Post 1

Are there any other home remedies for a tooth abscess?

I don't have clove oil or any of the other herbs mentioned here at home. I won't be able to get any until tomorrow and I'm in a lot of pain from my tooth abscess. The root of my tooth looks swollen and inflamed. It hurts a lot, I can't even speak properly and eating is difficult. Please help!

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