What are the Benefits of Windmill Energy?

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Windmill energy is one of the more popular forms of alternative energy in use today. Unlike some of the more recent innovations in energy creation, the use of windmills to create power has been around for hundreds of years. Due to enhancements made in the last couple of decades, the idea of employing this type of wind energy for residential as well as commercial use has become very attractive.

One of the most important benefits of windmill energy is the fact that many parts of the world enjoy a steady supply of air movement that can be harnessed with the use of a windmill. Wind continues to take place around the clock, making the resource virtually limitless. Since the source of this form of energy creation is so plentiful, it becomes a practical way to augment an existing power grid and thus minimize the use of fossil fuels in energy production.


Another benefit to windmill energy is the ease of setup. While many people think of the use of traditional windmills when they discuss the possibility of establishing a wind farm, the fact is there are now effective wind capturing devices that work in a manner similar to windmills, but are much smaller. This makes them practical for installation and use at private residences. In addition, these smaller windmill machines are also relatively easy to maintain, which means the potential for an interruption in the capture and storage of energy is less than with some other forms of alternative energy.

Windmill energy is a great way to defray a portion of the costs of power supplied by a municipality or utility. Since there is no reason why consumers cannot use a wind energy system in conjunction with an electrical utility, it is a simple matter to utilize the power generated from the windmill for a number of routine uses around the home. This in turn cuts dependency on the utility and results in lower power bills each month.

Windmill energy can also be portable. By making use of a small windmill machine, it is possible to set up a power supply at a campsite, by a lake, or even at the beach. In like manner, the small windmill can be set up quickly to provide power in the event of a power grid failure. The quick set-up of a portable windmill makes it easy to use this temporary power source to keep frozen meat from thawing, and to provide minimum lighting until the main power source is up and running once more.

While the cost of harnessing wind energy was somewhat prohibitive in years past, that is no longer the case. Alternative energy sources of this type are much less expensive today, and tend to pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. Between the convenience, ease of setup, and the ability to lower existing power bills, it is well worth your time to consider making use of windmill energy.


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Post 4

@Terrificli -- The original poster has a point, actually. The problem with wind farms is that they merely augment power plants. Building them does not eliminate the need for loud, ugly and polluting power plants so you do wind up using a lot of land for something which doesn't generate enough electricity to replace conventional plants.

Perhaps one day we will see some form of environmentally friendly power production that will replace those nasty old power plants. Wind farms are a step in the right direction, but not the total solution that everyone would like to see.

Post 3

@Vincenzo -- Oh, come on. Is a wind farm any uglier than a coal fired power plant? Does it use less land?

Of course not. Plus, a wind farm doesn't pollute.

Heck, I'd much rather live by a wind farm than near a power plant. They are quiet, don't pollute and generate environmentally friendly energy, to boot. Nothing wrong with that.

Post 2

A major problem with using wind energy on a large scale basis is that a decent sized town requires a huge plot of land for a wind farm. I do realize that wind power merely augments energy generated by power plants utilizing fossil fuels, but a big old wind farm is an ugly thing and might be considered a waste lf land that could be used for something more practical (such as growing crops, serving as an industrial park, etc.)

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