What are the Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women?

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Weight lifting for women provides a host of positive effects from which they can benefit. Following a regular workout program can reduce the risk of certain diseases, help shed body weight, strengthen bones, improve posture, and boost mood. Women commonly have from 25 percent to 50 percent lean muscle mass on their bodies. A strength training regimen and balanced nutrition can produce steady gains in lean mass and provide a variety of benefits. Women lack the amount of natural hormones responsible for creating enormous amounts of muscle mass and can let go of their unwarranted fear of becoming bulky and masculine.

When beginning a fitness program, cardio workouts are often emphasized to enhance weight loss. Weight lifting also helps burn body fat. Muscle requires more energy and calories to fuel. The more muscle a woman has, the higher her caloric expenditure will be. Every pound of gained muscle burns from 35 to 50 more calories a day.

The body becomes more efficient at burning fat when conditioned through strength training. Weight training workouts burn from 200 to 300 calories an hour and also increase caloric expenditure after workouts. This after-burn effect is also known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Intense exercise increases EPOC, according to scientists, and can enhance weight loss as a result.


The health benefits of weight lifting for women have been well-documented in research journals. Women are at greater risk for osteoporosis than men. Adhering to a regular weight-lifting regimen can reduce the risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone density as a result of the demands during weight-bearing exercise. Weight training helps with posture and balance, and it can reduce the risk of injury. Chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis also show marked improvement with strength training.

Weight lifting for women offers many mental and psychological benefits, as well. It can sharpen mental focus, reduce fatigue, increase stamina, boost self-confidence, and improve daily performance. Strength training can increase a woman’s strength by 30 percent to 50 percent and make tasks much easier to perform. Weight training fights depression and can enhance mood and feelings of well-being.

Weight lifting increases longevity, making it a well-deserved addition to a healthy lifestyle. When a reasonable exercise plan is followed, life expectancy significantly rises. Researches have noted a link between time spent exercising and additional longevity. In addition to lengthening your lifespan, weight training increases the overall quality of life.

Weight lifting for women should include a program that targets all the major muscles of the body. Experts recommend weight lifting at least two days a week. They say it is best combined with at lease 30 minutes of aerobic activity daily.


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