What Are the Benefits of Walnut Oil for Hair?

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Walnut oil is typically cold pressed and has a pale yellow appearance. It normally has a light taste and little to no smell. As with several types of hair oil, there are numerous supposed benefits of walnut oil for hair. It shares several of the same benefits as other nut-based hair oils, such as cleaning the scalp, moisturizing hair, preventing hair loss while encouraging growth, and keeping strands stronger and healthy. Walnut oil may also help to make the hair color appear more vibrant and lustrous.

It is believed that the walnut oil cleans the scalp of excess dirt, sweat and dead skin cells. Mixed with other hair oils, such as jojoba oil, it may also kill head lice. Several people also note that it has a slight astringent quality that further helps to keep the scalp feeling cleaner for longer stretches of time. The application of walnut oil for hair cleansing also suggests it may be effective in removing signs of cradle cap in infants.


Many people primarily use walnut oil for moisturizing hair since the oil is rich in fatty acids that promote strand hydration. This also helps to prevent dandruff, also known as seborrheic dermatitis. Walnut oil also contains antifungal properties that are believed to combat several infections that may affect the scalp and cause hair loss, such as ringworm. The high concentration of Omega 9, 3 and 6 also help to prevent balding by strengthening the hair follicles. Hair is believed to have improved growth due to the stronger strands and possibly due to a cleaner scalp.

The walnut husk is frequently used as a natural hair dye and to bring out the natural highlights in hair. Although using walnut oil for hair dye may not be effective, it is believed that the oil may accentuate the hair's natural color. In fact, several proteins found in walnut oil are believed to enhance color and make it appear more vibrant.

During what is referred to as the Elizabethan Era in Europe, several women used walnut oil for hair growth prevention on the face. This was to keep hair from growing along the forehead, and application typically begun in childhood. There is no concrete evidence of its effectiveness for this purpose.

Generally, it is recommended to use walnut oil for hair treatments at least twice a week for the most noticeable results. It may be used on its own, but it may work best if mixed with other carrier oils. Walnut oil is considered safe for most people, though is not recommended for those who suffer from nut allergies.


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Post 4

@Feasting and @Shell4life: Thank you both for the posts. Can you please help me by giving some guidance on where I can find best walnut oil for hair and shampoo you used, in the USA?

Post 3

@feasting – I believe that walnut oil has helped my hair grow faster and thicker. I bought a shampoo containing walnut oil that was supposed to help it grow, and I have noticed a dramatic difference.

Before I started using the shampoo, my hair grew maybe half an inch a month or less. Now, it seems to be growing at twice that rate. I have gone from having shoulder-length hair to having nearly waist-length hair in under a year.

I think that the walnut oil is somehow making my hair stronger, so it breaks less. The fact that it helps get rid of junk on my scalp means that nothing is clogging the follicles, so the hair can grow out more easily.

Post 2

I have golden brown hair with slightly red highlights. This is my natural color, though I do enhance it by using walnut oil every few weeks.

I had heard that it could intensify my hair color, and this turned out to be true. After using walnut oil, I can see that my hair looks as if the sun is shining on it, even when I'm indoors, because it appears glossier and brighter.

My hair looks a lot healthier than it did before. I think that using walnut oil is better than trying to dye my hair a brighter shade, because it doesn't damage my hair, and it simply brings out the best in it.

Post 1

It seems weird that women would have used walnut oil to prevent hair growth in certain areas. If walnut oil is supposed to prevent hair loss, you wouldn't think it would have been effective for this.

Of course, that was centuries ago. People were wrong in their beliefs about many things that have come to light over the years.

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