What Are the Benefits of Vitamin C Skin Care?

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Benefits of vitamin C skin care include increased protection from sun damage, stronger skin barriers against infection-causing pathogens, and more uniform skin pigmentation. Regular use of vitamin c products can also increase natural production of collagen that is necessary for smooth and supple skin texture. Some people who use vitamin C skin products report a noticeable reduction in signs of aging, such as fine lines. Vitamin C can also act as an antioxidant that helps reverse skin damage from environmental toxins.

Vitamin C cleansers are often used for excessively oily skin that is prone to acne blemishes. These types of skin care products are generally effective at balancing the amounts of secreted sebum and healing existing lesions due to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C. Some cleansers are also available as grain scrubs that help exfoliate and wash away the dead skin cells on the skin's top surface, which is important because these cells often mix with extra skin oil and create the clogged pores that lead to acne breakouts. Vitamin C skin care products for acne can be popular choices for blemish sufferers who prefer topical remedies without large amounts of strong medication such as benzoyl peroxide.


A vitamin C skin care regimen can frequently increase the skin's ability to resist infection. Surface irritations, such as dermatitis and eczema, can heal in a shorter time with less itching or burning when treated with lotions or serums containing vitamin C. This nutrient can also reduce the chances of more serious infections when applied to various skin abrasions or blemishes. Skin care professionals often advise that certain vitamin C skin products have limited rates of effectiveness once they are opened and exposed to oxygen, so these vitamin C creams or lotions generally need to be used before their expiration dates. Oxidized and expired vitamin C lotion can sometimes actually increase the amounts of toxins in the skin.

Skin that has been damaged from unprotected sun exposure can also benefit from vitamin C skin care. Harmful ultra violet (UV) rays can often dramatically increase the amount of toxins known as free radicals in the skin's uppermost layers. The same kind of toxin damage can frequently happen in areas with high levels of environmental air pollution. These types of toxins are largely responsible for the collagen depletion that leads to age spots and a general loss of skin elasticity. Applications of vitamin C lotion can eventually help the skin regenerate and maintain the needed replacement collagen.


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Post 4

@seag47 – I use an after sun lotion that contains aloe vera and vitamins C, E, and A. It has helped keep the age spots away, and it also takes away that tightness that skin can get right after a long day in the sun.

The aloe vera keeps me from peeling if I have only a slight sunburn. The vitamin C promotes regeneration, so my dead skin cells get replaced more quickly than they would without it.

This lotion somehow helps me keep my tan longer. The label says it's due to how healthy and soft the lotion makes my skin. I think that the healthy part is largely due to the vitamin C.

Post 3

The area of my face that is showing my age the most is under my eyes. I have fine lines and I'm starting to develop crow's feet.

My friend told me about the power of vitamin C to rejuvenate aging skin, so I found an eye cream that had this vitamin. I have used other eye creams in the past that did not do anything for me, but the vitamin C cream is actually working.

I have fewer lines than when I started using it. I had been looking very tired because of this troubled area under my eyes, but now, I look much more refreshed.

It's not a miracle cream, because it can't make my lines go away completely. However, it has been very useful in my quest to look a little more vibrant and not quite as old as I actually am.

Post 2

@OeKc05 – I have no doubt that a vitamin C face wash would work very well. I am currently using a vitamin C exfoliating body scrub, and I credit it with making my skin glow with clarity and smoothness.

The scrub I use has tiny particles of minerals that exfoliate my dead skin. It also has some type of fatty acids, and I think that these help to moisturize my newly revealed fresh skin.

I also use a vitamin C body lotion, and my skin really does look a lot better than it did. I spend at least twenty minutes a day in the sun, and this was starting to take a toll on my appearance. Now, the vitamin C is protecting me from those little spots that show up after time spent in the sun.

Post 1

I use a facial cleanser with vitamin C in it. It is the best makeup remover I have ever owned, and since it can effectively strip off the layers of foundation and powder from my skin, I believe that it keeps my pores from getting clogged.

Other facial cleansers I have tried always seemed to leave a small amount of makeup behind. I never really felt clean after using them, and I would have to scrub my face with a cloth to get all the residue off.

The vitamin C cleanser gets my face squeaky clean. It is a refreshing feeling, and my skin feels regenerated after each time that I use it.

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