What Are the Benefits of Vitamin a Lotion?

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Vitamin A is an important vitamin for human health and is found in several foods including carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach. While it is often consumed orally, it can also be applied as a topical cream. Using a vitamin A lotion is known to be beneficial in healing skin problems while improving the skin's overall appearance. Some of the primary benefits include reducing wrinkles, clearing up acne, healing eczema, healing wounds and removing stretch marks.

One of the biggest benefits of vitamin A lotion is its ability to reduce wrinkles. As humans age, the skin tends to become thinner and drier, which causes wrinkles to form. Vitamin A is especially helpful in reducing the effects of aging on the skin. This is mainly due to the fact that this vitamin helps to rehydrate the skin and thicken it. As a result, dry, aged skin is rejuvenated and wrinkles are reduced.

Individuals suffering from acne can also benefit from using vitamin A lotion. Since pimples are caused by built up toxins and oils on the skin, the detoxifying abilities of vitamin A can be an extremely helpful cure. Essentially, using a lotion helps to flush toxins out of the skin and smooth it out. Therefore, this vitamin is particularly effective for removing blackheads and can quickly restore the skin to normal.


Eczema is another skin condition that can be cleared up by applying this vitamin topically. Using lotion on a consistent basis can effectively treat the rash associated with eczema. That's because vitamin A lotion contains many antioxidants that counteract the free radicals that cause eczema. In turn, inflammation is substantially reduced and the skin becomes much smoother.

Vitamin A lotion can help to heal most wounds. Problems like scrapes, cuts and burns will usually clear up and heal more quickly with the application of vitamin A. This is because this vitamin helps cells return to their normal functioning by speeding up cell growth. As a result, the time it takes a wound to heal can be reduced.

Additionally, the appearance of stretch marks can often be diminished. Since vitamin A promotes skin cell growth and thickens the skin, it serves as an effective cure for stretch marks. In particular, women who have recently given birth can greatly benefit from vitamin A lotion. Not only will it clear up stretch marks, it will improve the overall health and appearance of the skin.


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Post 2

@ocelot60- These types of creams are the same thing, in a way. You can purchase vitamin a cream that isn't retinol cream, though it is less potent and is not as effective. Basically, it is a lotion that contains vitamin a.

On the other hand, retinols are derivatives of vitamin a, and work by sloughing off the top layer of skin and allow more skin cells to regenerate. If you are interested in using this type of vitamin a lotion, your best bet is to check with your dermatologist or doctor because the varieties that work the best can only be purchased with a prescription.

Post 1

I've heard that vitamin a cream and retinol cream are the same thing, and that this type of lotion works very well when it comes to reducing wrinkles. Does anyone have more information about it?

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