What Are the Benefits of Using Cooling Eye Gel?

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Cooling eye gel is designed to soothe skin around the eyes that may be irritated from stressful environmental conditions or to decrease puffiness caused by too little sleep or other factors. Some contain ingredients that will firm sagging skin around the eyes. Some eye gels even have ingredients that claim to lighten dark under-eye circles. Although eye gels are not usually used to hydrate the skin, some may contain ingredients that have a moisturizing effect.

Pollution, allergies or other environmental conditions can cause puffiness around the eyes, as can late nights or eye strain. Most cooling eye gels contain at least one ingredient that is intended to soothe swollen eye skin. Eye gels that have herbs, teas and marine compounds target these skin problems. Placing the container of cooling eye gel in the refrigerator will make the eye gel feel even cooler and more soothing. The skin not only looks better, but should feel better from the cooling effect, as the gel slowly evaporates.


Some eye gels that contain ingredients such as kojic acid or licorice extract may slightly lighten dark under-eye circles. Vitamin K increases blood circulation, drawing the pools of blood that cause dark circles to flow more freely away from the eye area, and is used in some eye gels or creams. It may take several weeks of daily use to see a difference. Users who wish to lighten dark circles should check the package of cooling eye gel for these two ingredients. The ingredients may be used singularly, or in conjunction with each other.

The reduction in the puffy skin around the eyes has the added benefit of firming the skin. It also increases circulation in the area. For additional firm skin, consumers should check the ingredient list on the cooling eye gel for copper peptides and marine compounds such as fish collagen and algae. The marine compounds will produce a temporary firmness in the skin around the eyes, while the copper peptides are touted as having firming benefits that last longer than the length of time the gel is on.

A hydrating cooling eye gel uses ingredients that holds moisture in the eye area. Some eye gels are only designed to cool and soothe, and have no hydrating ingredients. Users who are interested in hydrating the skin at the same time should look for a cooling eye gel with the active ingredient aloe vera extract.


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