What Are the Benefits of Taking a Silica Supplement?

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Including a silica supplement in one's diet can provide a variety of benefits in several areas of the body. Silica is known to be an essential element in building and maintaining strong bones, and it can help improve the appearance of skin, hair, and nails. Taking a silica supplement can improve joint function and may also improve healing of joint injuries. Digestive health may be improved, as can the function of the cardiovascular system. Silica can also help prevent the buildup of excess aluminum in the body.

Silica is one of the fundamental components that help make up bone, and it is critical for the absorption and maintenance of calcium levels. Taking silica can help ensure bone density is maintained, and even improve bone health if there has been any thinning. This can make it a good choice for those concerned about having or developing osteoporosis.

Those who wish to improve their appearance may want to try a silica supplement. Silica is known to work at supporting the collagen in skin, giving it a supple, more youthful appearance and helping to prevent wrinkles from developing. It is also thought to make hair and nails look better by keeping them strong and healthy.


Improved joint function is another potential benefit of taking silica. It works to strengthen the connective tissues in the joints and can improve overall flexibility as well. It can also help reduce swelling in the joints due to injury, helping them heal more quickly.

A silica supplement can help with digestive function. The mineral is known to aid in maintenance of the tissues along the digestive tract. Stomach and intestinal inflammation may also decrease with its use, which can help clear up issues like ulcers, diarrhea, and constipation.

Another possible benefit of taking silica is increased cardiovascular health. As with many other tissues in the body, silica is critical for keeping the walls of blood vessels strong and supple. There is also some evidence it may help clear plaques and help prevent heart disease.

Silica also inhibits the absorption of aluminum by the body. This means that taking a silica supplement can help reduce the buildup of aluminum in the tissues of the brain. Aluminum buildup is often considered a risk factor for developing Alzheimer's disease, so adding additional silica into one's diet may help alleviate this risk.


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I have been taking silica gel for approximately 12 months for osteoarthritis and have had relief. I stopped using it for about six weeks and my arthritic pain did increase quite a bit, to my surprise.

It also helped me in other ways I wasn't expecting, like weight loss and improved bowel movements and also increased energy levels.

Overall, silica gel has without doubt proven itself to me to be very beneficial. I write this as my testimonial to silica after reading derogatory information posted by the "health wise" and to emphatically disagree with everything they have to say. Their credentials are questionable to say the least. To me, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Thank you.

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