What are the Benefits of Taking a GED Pretest?

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People who haven't graduated high school in the United States may take a test called the General Educational Development (GED) exam as an alternative to earning a traditional high school diploma. There are many benefits to taking a GED test preparation program and a GED pretest before taking this exam. These preparations can help a student be more prepared for test questions, get tutoring support, have less test taking anxiety, and evaluate areas of strengths and weaknesses for more focused studies.

A GED pretest can help a student prepare for the five-part GED test. Free and low cost GED pretest services can found online, at the library, and through local schools to help students understand the topic areas of the exam. The GED pretest can be taken anytime prior to the real test and this allows students to score better by practicing test questions. Often, the pretest questions are based on the actual exam questions, which is helpful.

Students in a GED pretest program also will be able to get support from tutors. Tutors can offer help with tough subject areas and difficult questions. This gives people with learning disabilities or challenges with understanding subjects like math, reading, writing, science or social studies an opportunity to get help that might not have been available in regular school.


Anxiety is common for General Educational Development exam students. Many GED pretest programs include exercises for lessening test-taking stress and provide methods for overcoming this issue. Preparing and taking several untimed GED pretests can help students gain confidence.

Part of getting ready to take the GED exam is learning what to subject areas to focus on. Instead of being overwhelmed with all five subjects covered on the main exam, the GED pretest can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in each student. Tutors can work with students on the subjects that are the toughest to grasp so that the student has a better chance of passing the real exam. Then the student knows what topics to study harder on and what topics won’t pose as much of a challenge on the day of the test.


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