What Are the Benefits of Tae Bo?

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There are numerous benefits in committing to an exercise program designed for Tae Bo®, including cardiovascular endurance. Gaining better muscle tone while burning calories is another benefit of this high-intensity workout. Tae Bo® also includes the benefit of versatility, as this sport incorporates dance aerobics, martial arts, cardio-boxing, and transcendental meditation. Spiritual awareness and self defense may also be gained from the practice.

The many advantages of participating in Tae Bo® stem from the fact that the discipline is low impact and provides a workout for the entire body. Because this is an aerobic exercise, the heart and lungs will benefit from it. As a core workout program, it helps the individual use virtually every muscle group.

Becoming bored with an exercise routine is less likely with this exercise because there are many forms of exercise incorporated into the sport. For those who enjoy dancing, Tae Bo® is a good way to indulge. Those who prefer some form of self defense can appreciate how karate and kickboxing blend well into the program.

Those who enjoy group participation can benefit from this program. This can be done in a group setting, with anywhere from five to 20 or more participants. Tae Bo® also may be enjoyed as a one-on-one session with a trainer, and even as a solitary sport once the techniques are learned. It is always recommended however, to check with a physician before starting any physical exercise program.


The name is derived from the acronym for "total awareness excellent body obedience." The discipline was designed to benefit participants of all fitness levels. Aspects of this sport, which was first introduced by karate ace Billy Blanks back in the late 1980s, combine mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

This sport includes elements of self defense. Tae Bo® teaches techniques to guard against would-be attackers. There are some individuals with physical conditions who may particularly benefit from this sport. An added benefit may be improved joint mobility and flexibility. Those who suffer from joint stiffness or mild forms of arthritis may find improvement with a regular routine.


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