What are the Benefits of Sugar-Free Cough Drops?

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There are many benefits to using sugar-free cough drops. Cough drops often soothe a sore throat or suppress an irritating cough and usually have less side effects when compared to other cold medicines. This type of cough drop can be a better choice than a regular cough drop for someone who is a diabetic or does not want the added calories and carbohydrates from the sugar. These cough drops are also inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter.

A person with a cold is likely to have a hacking cough or a throat that can feel scratchy or raw. These symptoms come from the sinus drainage that happens during the common cold. Sugar-free cough drops can ease these uncomfortable symptoms. Not only can the drops make a sick person's throat feel better, but many of them contain other ingredients such as vitamins or herbs that can also aid a cold.

Another benefit to using sugar-free cough drops is that most people do not experience any side effects from them. Many liquid medications or pills used for a cough come with side effects that can sometimes make a person feel worse. Cough drop makers usually warn people that if a person's cough or throat pain gets severe or lasts for more than a few days, he should see a doctor. The drops are not a cure for cold symptoms.


Sugar-free cough drops can be a wise cold remedy for those who have to limit their sugar. They usually contain another kind of sweetener other than sugar. The drops will still have a good flavor, but diabetics do not have to worry about using them.

If a person is eating on a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet, then sugar-free cough drops will not affect their diet goals. These drops are usually very low in calories and may not contain any carbohydrates at all. Regular cough drops can sometimes contain calories due to the added sugar for flavor purposes.

Sugar-free cough drops can sometimes be more expensive than regular drops, but they are still cheap in comparison to other cold remedy products. Cough drops can be found at grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retail shops, which makes them easily accessible. Since no doctor's prescription is needed, cough drops can be purchased at any time.


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Post 4

@anon195385: I came on here looking for a possible link. It was the only thing I ate today that was off from my regular diet. Unreal!

Post 3

Sugar free cough drops can't be good for you. They make me sick to my stomach every time. They give me ridiculous gas too.

Post 2

I think sugar-free cough drops are great for diabetics and others who have to watch their sugar consumption. But I've seen people who pop sugar-free cough drops as if it's candy. I read in a news article that using too many sugar free cough drops decays toot enamel. That means sensitive teeth and pain when you drink or eat some foods. I don't know why we have to overdo everything. I know that some brands like Ricola sugar-free cough drops have some natural ingredients. But still, regular and sugar-free cough drops are meant to relieve sore throats and coughing and you don't need that many. They're certainly not for treatment of chronic coughing or as a snack candy while dieting.

Post 1

I use Halls sugar free cough drops at night. I think that the regular ones might cause cavities. Some people might not approve of this, but when I cough so much that I cannot fall into sleep, I take a sugar free cough drop. While I would not recommend it for kids, I think it's fine for adults. My mom gets really upset when I do this, she is scared that I will swallow the cough drop at night and suffocate. But I continue to do it when I'm coughing, it's the only way I can sleep. Plus I sleep sideways so that I don't swallow it, so I think it's fine.

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