What are the Benefits of Spinning&Reg;?

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Spinning® is a popular exercise found in almost all professional gyms and organized workout centers. It is an aerobic activity that utilizes a stationary bike equipped with adjustable tension levels, as well as time, mileage and calorie counters. Spinning® classes usually are taught in person by certified Spinning® instructors or via video instruction. Many exercisers are hooked on this type of workout because of its many benefits. Some of the benefits of Spinning® are weight loss, increased muscle tone, increased cardio endurance, a reduction in injury risks and the ability to do the exercise year-round.

Many people begin Spinning® programs because of a desire to lose weight. One of major benefits of Spinning® is that it rapidly burns calories to help a person decrease overall body fat and lose inches (centimeters) around the waist. The average one-hour spinning class can burn as much as 500 calories, which is equivalent to more high-impact workouts such as running. Many practitioners report that they have more toned waists and smaller hips and thighs after only a month of regular Spinning® workouts.


Another of the benefits of Spinning® is increased muscle tone. In the classes, students are instructed to increase and decrease tension throughout the session as well as to stand up or sit down on the bikes. These actions are similar to riding up hills on a normal bike. Also, many Spinning®-specific bikes have fixed-gear flywheels. This means that students cannot coast; they must continuously pump the pedals until the brake is applied.

Increased cardiovascular endurance is another of the benefits of Spinning®. The activity primarily is an anaerobic workout, which means that it pulls energy from a person’s reserves, but it has several aerobic features as well. Most spinning instructors request that students check and monitor their heart rates and breathing throughout the workout as well as speed up to increase them.

High calorie-burning exercises such as running or using an elliptical machine are effective, but they put pressure on the exerciser’s knees, feet and ankles. One of the major benefits of Spinning® is that it is a low-impact exercise with the results of a high-impact workout. People who have arthritis or injured knees can participate in Spinning® to maintain their health and muscle tone.

Spinning® typically is done inside, which means it can be done at any time of the year no matter the weather outside. Regular bicycling exposes practitioners to the elements of excessive heat, rain, wind and worse, but Spinning® does not. It allows the practitioners to maintain regular workouts no matter the season.


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