What Are the Benefits of Skin Rolling?

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Skin rolling, also known as myofascial release treatment, is a form of therapeutic massage. It is designed to alleviate pain and stiffness associated with the skin adhering to the muscles. The practitioner pulls the skin away from the muscle and stretches the fascia, which is intended to impart a number of benefits, including the improvement of lymph, circulatory, and nerve functions. It is also thought to assist in the relief of pain and stiffness and in improvement of the skin.

The benefits of skin rolling are thought to be due to the technique's effect on the circulation of blood, lymph glands, and nerve receptors, which together have a culminating effect. Proponents of skin rolling believe that it encourages lymphatic drainage. This helps the body to more effectively flush out toxins by encouraging waste metabolism. The immune system is subsequently thought to be strengthened, promoting a better response of the patient toward both physical and emotional stress and improving general health.

Blood circulation is also thought to be improved by myofascial release treatment. Benefits of increased circulation include a greater transport of oxygen to the tissues. The stimulation of the nerve receptors to adhesion separation is also thought to improve the effectiveness of the receptors.


Another of the intended benefits of skin rolling is a decrease in physical pain and anxiety. Discomfort produced by manipulation of the skin may encourage the release of endorphins. This release of endorphins subsequently acts as a both natural painkiller and as a mood elevator and eliminates the need for prescription drugs.

Alleviation of general and specific body stiffness is also considered a benefit of myofascial release treatment. Not only is the patient more relaxed, but separating the areas of skin that have become adhered to the muscle increases both range and comfort of movement. Skin rolling is also thought to help restore collagen and elastin, making it more supple, working as an antiaging treatment. Improvement of scars, cellulite, and discoloration are all also targeted by the technique.

Taking these proposed benefits into consideration, this method is used to treat a number of medical conditions, including the chronic pain felt in back conditions, fibromyalgia, and myofascial pain dysfunction. It may also help alleviate symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and vertigo. Although this technique can be performed by anyone, it is best carried out by a trained practitioner to avoid the chance of injury.


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