What Are the Benefits of Sheep Placenta?

Sarah Sullins

Sheep placenta has been used for many years to promote general health. It is also typically used by consumers to produce clear and healthy skin, free of wrinkles and blemishes. Although many people disagree on the benefits of this extract, in many areas of the world, it is thought to be a natural way to reduce the toll that age takes on the body.

Sheep placenta extract benefits include clear, beautiful skin.
Sheep placenta extract benefits include clear, beautiful skin.

Like all mammals, when a sheep becomes pregnant, a placenta forms inside of her uterus. This placenta helps to provide nutrients and oxygen to the unborn lamb, and is also responsible for helping to get rid of any waste that is produced. All of the nutrients in the sheep placenta help the unborn lamb to grow, but when the placenta is extracted, some believe that it can also provide numerous benefits to human health. Every placenta produced by pregnant mammals contains vitamins and nutrients, but sheep placentas tend to be more accessible and more nutrient-rich.

The placenta extract comes in soft gel pills for daily consumption.
The placenta extract comes in soft gel pills for daily consumption.

One of the benefits to using products that include extract of sheep's placenta is clear, beautiful skin that may seem to remain young, despite age. Sheep placenta has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate skin, reduce skin sagging, and reduce the appearance of freckles and blemishes. Many consumers have also found that it can be helpful in regulating the amount of oil produced by the skin on the face. Sheep placenta can be taken to help promote healing of certain types of wounds, and it may also be used to smooth out the skin and reduce the appearance of scars.

The placentas of sheep are considered particularly rich in nutrients.
The placentas of sheep are considered particularly rich in nutrients.

Some researchers have shown that sheep placenta contains certain nutrients, hormones, and growth factors. When consumed, the placenta extract can help improve an individual's immune system, regulate his or her hormones, or improve his or her general health. This extract may also be used to prevent allergic reactions and help with mental clarity. The placenta may also be used by women who wish to regulate their menstrual cycle.

The nutrients inside the placenta that helps an unborn lamb grow may be beneficial for humans.
The nutrients inside the placenta that helps an unborn lamb grow may be beneficial for humans.

This type of placenta extract comes in several different forms. To maintain young, healthy skin, creams are often used. Many people produce shiny and healthy hair by using shampoos that contain the placenta extract. Pills or soft gels that contain the extracted nutrients and vitamins of a sheep placenta may also be taken every day, to promote a healthy body and mind and to improve the look of skin and hair.

A conditioning placenta shampoo is ideal for those with dull, dry hair.
A conditioning placenta shampoo is ideal for those with dull, dry hair.

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Can men use placenta capsules?


I have been taking the soft capsules for about 2 weeks and can see the blemishes reduce and wrinkles filling out. Overall, I'm feeling well and my skin is well hydrated.


Is it safe for pregnant women to take sheep placenta?


Do the sheep whose placentas are used get abused in anyway?


I've been using sheep placenta for the past six months as a cream and serum and I love it. I never used to listen to my skin but it's like being hungry. I can tell now when I need more nutrients and that's why I think it's excellent, plus everyone keeps telling me I look great and younger than I am.


I'm actually quite proud of my freckles, so was a bit annoyed when a friend bought me some lamb placenta extract in soft capsule form for my 30th birthday!

She's quite heavily into supplements of all kinds, whereas I prefer to eat well, sleep early and avoid stress. Still, to not seem rude I did try them and I would say my skin has improved in general.

I still have the freckles but I like the general effect of my face looking smoother and I definitely have less break outs.

The type she got me have only 40mg of lamb placenta, versus 400mg of other things, so I'm not sure if they are really useful. But so long as it won't harm me I'll keep taking them.

I'm not sure yet if I'll buy any more when the bottle runs out. I could perhaps be tempted to try a placenta cream though.


On the surface, it seems logical that sheep placenta or human placenta should be used as an ingredient in skin cream. Since they are natural, I would think that they would be safer than creams made from synthetic ingredients.

If the nutrients and hormones from a placenta are to be taken internally, I would think that they should be subjected to scientific study. And care should be taken after birth to keep them clean and preserved.


What happens to the sheep placenta if it is not used by humans? Do the sheep or lambs themselves consume it or is it just discarded?

I'm not sure whether to believe that it can reduce the effects of aging. People have historically been looking for a cure for old age, and while sheep placenta capsules or face creams might improve the skin, it definitely can't keep people staying younger! On the other hand, I wonder if there are any negative side effects of using sheep placenta.


@nefret - I've never used any sheep placenta creams or extracts but I have seen some similar literature about human placentas actually! Some (few!) hospitals allow mothers to take their placentas home following a childbirth to consume for similar purposes. Another alternative I've heard about is that doulas (a trained woman who assists with the birthing procedure) creates placenta capsules for the mother after the birth.

It does sound extremely unorthodox (some would even say gross) but perhaps there is some merit to it. After all, the body's best resources go into nurturing the child while it is still in the womb.


At first glance, the whole idea of consuming sheep placentas or using some sort of sheep placenta cream sounds rather distasteful. Has anyone here actually tried this? If so, does it work any better than the other regular skin creams and products available commercially?

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