What Are the Benefits of Rye Bread?

Patti Kate

There are several benefits of rye bread, including the healthy fiber it contains. Rye is a popular cereal grain and commonly used for making bread and rye crackers. Rye bread provides several nutrients, namely phosphorus and magnesium. Reducing cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health are other benefits of rye bread. Rye bread may even be beneficial in helping people lose weight.

Rye bread contains healthy fiber.
Rye bread contains healthy fiber.

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet that most varieties of white bread lack. Rye bread has significantly more fiber than white bread. Incorporating sufficient fiber into the daily diet can help regulate the digestive system. Many experts also believe that fiber can prevent certain types of cancer. Increasing dietary fiber also can help regulate insulin levels.

Incorporating rye bread into the diet can help to moderate blood glucose levels in certain people.
Incorporating rye bread into the diet can help to moderate blood glucose levels in certain people.

Due to its fiber content, benefits of rye bread may also include helping to keep body mass index (BMI) at a healthy level. Many people with a higher-than -ormal BMI find it easier to lose body fat when fiber intake is increased. Rye bread is a healthy alternative to other high-fiber grains. Studies have shown that eating rye bread can help suppress the appetite and keep a dieter feeling full after a meal. The feeling of fullness after eating rye bread may prevent dieters from snacking between meals, thus helping them lose weight.

Incorporating rye bread into the diet can also moderate blood glucose levels in certain people. Diabetics must carefully monitor sugar and carbohydrate intake, and choosing to eat rye bread instead of white can help keep insulin at a healthy level.

Unlike wheat bread, bread made from rye flour will retain most vital nutrients. Along with phosphorus and magnesium, both of which are essential for the body's metabolism, eating rye bread will nourish the body with B vitamins and protein. Benefits of rye bread also include substantial amounts of calcium and iron per serving.

Although all varieties of rye bread are not gluten-free, the amount of gluten in rye is significantly lower than in wheat bread. While it is not possible to produce a natural rye bread that is gluten free, substituting flax for rye can offer a good alternative. Rye-less bread made from flax has a similar texture and taste, along with proven health benefits.

Rye bread can help reduce cholesterol levels.
Rye bread can help reduce cholesterol levels.

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Another benefit of rye bread is that it is a better choice for people who are trying to increase their fiber intake. Since it has more fiber than some other types of breads, it is a more healthful bread to include in various diets.


I believe that another benefit of rye bread is the bold flavor that it brings to sandwiches and other foods. Unlike other types of breads, the flavor of rye bread is very recognizable. It compliments most meats and cheeses, and goes great with condiments like mustard and horseradish. Rye bread is also great all by itself with a little bit of butter. The flavor also enhances soups when used to dip in them.

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