What are the Benefits of Pure Whey Protein?

Matt Brady

Pure whey protein is considered a one of the most beneficial substances to the body. Comprised of essential amino acids — often referred to as the building blocks of life — whey protein is full of nutrients that help keep the body healthy. The amino acids in whey protein are also essential in muscle health, generating new tissue and replenishing the old. Pure whey protein is a byproduct of making cheese. Whey protein is used in a variety of dietary and exercise supplements, such as protein shakes, dietary supplements, yogurt and other products.

Jug of whey.
Jug of whey.

Pure whey protein is a dairy product that comes from cow’s milk and cheese. More specifically, it is a byproduct of the cheese-making process. During the churning process, liquid whey is separated from cheese curds, after which it can undergo pasteurization to create whey protein powder.

Pure whey protein is often sold as a powder.
Pure whey protein is often sold as a powder.

Pure whey protein is one of the most natural and healthy ways to supplement a diet with protein. When compared with other proteins that people take, whey protein is more rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), such as leucine, which excel at building lean muscle tissue. For people who work out regularly, whey protein is especially beneficial, helping to quickly build new muscle after exercise routines.

The amino acids in whey protein -- whether found in foods or drink supplements -- are essential to muscle health.
The amino acids in whey protein -- whether found in foods or drink supplements -- are essential to muscle health.

Pure whey protein is also beneficial for regulating weight. Ingesting food products rich in whey protein is a good way of delivering essential nutrients to the body while also creating the sensation of feeling full. This helps the dieting individual to eat less while ensuring that he or she is maintaining a healthy diet loaded with essential nutrients.

There are two types of pure whey protein: whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Both forms of whey protein have been pasteurized to create a dry powder which can be added to any food product. The difference is that whey protein concentrate still contains some of the lactose and fat from cow's cheese and milk, whereas whey protein isolate has been stripped of those ingredients. Both forms of whey protein are healthy and beneficial to the body, and it's up to the dieter's personal preference as to which one to use.

Pure whey protein comes in a large variety of food products. One of the most popular ways of consuming the substance is in protein shakes. Whey protein is an ingredient in many protein shakes found in stores. Many dieters and people with workout routines prefer protein shakes because they're quick and easy to consume. Pure whey protein can also be found in everything from energy bars, straight powders, yogurts and many other food items.

Pure whey protein may help build lean muscle mass.
Pure whey protein may help build lean muscle mass.

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I had no idea that whey is so beneficial. My mom makes cheese at home frequently. She makes Indian paneer cheese. When the milk curdles, she strains everything to separate the curds from the whey. The whey is poured down the drain! I can't imagine drinking pure whey, but I wonder if it could be used in recipes to increase protein and nutrients in a dish? That would be a great way to get extra protein and it would be cheap too!


@SarahGen-- Yes. Like the article said, whey protein isolate has very little carbohydrates and fat. It's almost entirely protein. So it's the best protein supplement for dieters who want to make sure that they are getting enough protein. It keeps one full and is great before or after workouts as well.

Bodybuilders also prefer this type of whey protein. Some say that whey protein isolate is easier for the body to absorb. It can cost a little more than whey protein concentrate though. Always make sure to check the ingredients for the percentage of protein, carbs and fat regardless of what product you're buying.


So whey protein isolate is better for people who want to take pure whey protein for weight loss right?

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