What Are the Benefits of Psychotherapy for ADHD?

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Psychotherapy for ADHD is used as part of a two-pronged approach to treating this disorder. Medication works to help improve the individual's ability to concentrate and focus on school work and other activities. Talk therapy helps to change the way the person with ADHD behaves. By working with a qualified therapist, the client can learn how to develop a regular schedule to follow and establish techniques to stay organized. As the client learns how to manage his or her daily living tasks more effectively, his or her self-esteem will increase over time.

ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) is a condition which is usually diagnosed when the individual is a child. Signs of ADHD include difficulty paying attention and impulsive behavior. Along with these symptoms, the person will find it challenging to sit still without fidgeting. This combination of symptoms makes it difficult for a person with ADHD to perform well at school, which often leads to poor academic performance and low self-esteem. This disorder can be managed, but there is no cure for ADHD.

Once the condition has been diagnosed, the individual can start working with a therapist to identify issues of concern. Psychotherapy for ADHD can be individualized so that the person has a schedule to follow each day. Having this information written down will help to keep the person on ADHD on track and can make it easier to focus on one activity at a time.


A therapist working can suggest some techniques the individual can use to stay organized. This professionalt will start by looking at the specific areas where the person is having trouble with. A person with ADHD may be continually losing his or her keys or some other item and this use of psychotherapy for ADHD means that the therapist can suggest specific techniques to help reduce the frequency of these events.

Once the person living with ADHD is able to change his or her behavior to make performing everyday tasks easier, his or her self-esteem will improve. This is an important benefit of psychotherapy for ADHD. With the help and support of a therapist, a person with this disorder can make positive changes in his or her way of managing activities. The sense of accomplishment encourages him or her to keep working to find ways to work cope with the symptoms of the disorder without becoming discouraged.


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