What are the Benefits of Platform Beds?

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A platform bed is a bed which is raised on closely set slats or a platform, so that a box spring mattress does not need to be used to support the top mattress. This style is also sometimes referred to as a European bed, as the low-slung profile of these beds is very popular in European interior design. This type of bed, of course, can also be lofted to make a large roomy space underneath it, an option popular with young adults and college students in small living spaces.

Because platform beds provide support, buying mattresses for them is not as costly, or consumers can concentrate their funds and purchase a very high quality top mattress. However, the firm support of a platform or slats does make it much firmer than a combination bed using a box spring and a top mattress. If your current bed is too soft, a platform bed may be a good solution, but if you do not sleep well on firm bedding, it may not be the best choice for you.


The sturdy platform on which platform beds are based also makes the bed more stable. For heavier people, it can be more secure to sleep on, and it will be less likely to collapse if it sees hard use. These beds also tend to be lower to the ground, a configuration which some consumers prefer, especially those aiming for a very simplistic bedroom aesthetic. Many Asian-inspired bedrooms use low beds as a centerpiece, and they complement low bedroom furniture very well, creating the illusion of a roomier bedroom with higher ceilings.

One of the major advantages of platform beds is that they can have storage areas built in. Many are actually designed on storage shelving, which can reduce the amount of clutter and furniture in the bedroom. The solid platform or closely set slat bed overhead will greatly reduce the amount of things falling into the storage area as well, meaning that the underside of the bed will be cleaner. If the is lofted, a desk or workspace can be built in under it.

Platform beds are typically built out of wood, and come in a variety of finishes. If you have a limited design budget, an affordable platform-style bed which matches the rest of the bedroom can usually be found at a furniture supply store, or the staff can order one for you. As with any major furniture purchase, you should try to physically examine and test the bed before you purchase it, to make sure that it is comfortable and meets your aesthetic and quality expectations.


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Post 5

I really don't get box springs. A platform bed makes a lot more sense to me. Not all are inexpensive. It pretty much depends on the wood, support and design. The platform beds that carry storage are also something to keep in mind when shopping for a platform bed.

Post 4

Oasis11- I agree with you. I love IKEA, but I am really looking for platform storage beds for my kids.

I am redoing their room and need the extra storage for their toys. I also like the trundle beds that I saw at Ethan Allen, but they were little expensive.

Post 3

Somerset- I agree with you. I have a queen size platform bed with a great Kingsdown mattress. This mattress line tends to be a little bit softer than average which is perfect for me.

I have bought platform twin beds and a queen size platform bed at IKEA. I find their furniture to be very stylish and inexpensive. Although I would have liked a wooden platform bed, the veneer is fine.

Post 2

In my experience platform beds are practical and inexpensive. They do require a good mattress though since there is no box spring, the platform provides plenty of support, and a good mattress adds comfort.

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