What are the Benefits of Noni Juice?

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Noni juice comes from the Noni plant, also known as Morinda Citrifolia. People who believe in the health benefits of Noni juice claim that a small daily dose makes them feel younger and healthier from the inside. Users report having more energy and better digestion, and claim that the juice makes their skin healthier. Proponents cite studies that have shown Noni juice to decrease blood sugar, regulate menstrual cycles, and shrink enlarged prostates, but the validity of these studies is questionable. Other studies have shown Noni juice to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, and even slow or stop the growth of malignant tumors, but these studies have never been duplicated in a controlled setting.

Noni juice has caused quite a controversy in the health-food realm, and has its believers and its skeptics. Skeptics claim that the health benefits of Noni juice are nothing more than a marketing ploy. When Noni juice was first brought to the U.S., it was introduced as a multi-level marketing ploy, complete with late-night infomercials proclaiming Noni a “miracle fruit.” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) censured the company for making false claims after independent labs were unable to duplicate the results of the company’s studies. The company no longer claims to sell a miracle fruit, but continues to tout the its rhealth benefits.


Independent studies have shown that Noni juice does contain minimal amount of vitamins B and C, but not nearly in the quantities claimed by manufacturers. Additionally, retail-grade Noni juice was tested for concentration and found to have a very low percentage of actual juice. Most brands contained less than 10 percent Noni juice, with the bulk of the beverage made up of other fruit juices, sugar, and water.

The health benefits of Noni juice are still in question. Those who drink it daily swear that it fixes everything from acne to cancer, and there are those who believe the claims are nothing more than advertising gimmicks. Even though the actual health benefits of Noni juice are in question, there is no question that it is not actually unhealthy to drink. Both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the FDA have declared Noni juice safe to drink, dispelling myths of toxicity.

The large, knobby, pale green fruit grows on a small evergreen that originated in Asia, but is now found throughout the Pacific, especially in Tahiti. The plant can grow in almost any environment, and can yield up to 15 pounds (about 7 kg) of fruit per month. The Noni fruit has a bitter, pungent aroma and taste, so the recommended one-ounce daily dose is usually mixed with a sweeter juice like pineapple or orange.


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Post 3

@alisha-- Yea, two of the alternative names for noni that I know of are Indian mulberry (not to be confused with just "mulberry") and cheesefruit. I think it was named cheesefruit because of its cheese like smell. But try searching for Indian mulberry, I'm sure you will find it.

My mom is a big fan of ayurveda and she learned about mulberry juice from there. She applies the juice to her scalp as some women do with oils as a treatment. It's supposed to prevent hair loss, hydrate hair and slow down the graying of hair. My mom is over fifty and has long healthy hair with only a few whites so I think it must be working. It might also be genetics though.

I think it's worth a try, just do a little test on your skin before applying any of it to make sure you are not allergic. That would not be good!

Post 2

I heard that noni fruit juice is good for hair growth and also for gray hair. Has anyone tried it and seen these benefits?

Also, are there any additional names for noni? I don't live in the Americas and I can't find noni where I am.

Post 1

I completely agree with this article. There are a lot manufacturers out there who just use noni pulp and mix it other fruit juices and sell it as noni juice. I made the mistake of buying some of this first and did not get much benefit from it. Then I found out that there is organic noni juice, purely made of the juice of the noni fruit.

I bought this pure kind later and have been taking it with fresh fruit juice at home to get rid of the bitter taste. I have gotten results this way. I feel less tired and sleepy.

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