What Are the Benefits of Noni for Men?

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Noni is a fruit that is native to Asia and that is commonly used in folk medicine. It was brought to the Pacific Islands by early Polynesian explorers and is frequently used as a topical treatment or medicinal beverage in these nations as well as in the Asian nations to which it is native. Both men and women can benefit from the use of this fruit, though noni extract is frequently marketed as either noni for men or noni for women. Preparations of noni often contain a number of other ingredients that can be beneficial to men's health.

One of the benefits of taking noni is that it is rich in antioxidants. These enzymes support good health and diminish the effects of aging. Scientific studies have indicated that people who consume large amounts of antioxidants may be better able to resist serious diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, which are common health problems for men as they age. Fresh noni juice and noni extract are both excellent sources of antioxidants.


Another benefit of noni for men is that it may have properties that help the body destroy tumors. Though few scientific studies have been conducted on noni's ability to fight cancer, preliminary evidence suggests that the fruit may have qualities that help it eliminate tumorous growths before they become cancerous. Scientists are not sure whether noni is able to fight cancer once it has taken hold, but this fruit is safe for most men to consume and is not likely to interfere with other cancer treatments.

Taking noni can also boost a man's immune system. The fruit is rich in vitamins that can help increase the effectiveness of the immune response, allowing the body to fight off many infections before they become symptomatic. Again, the research on these potential effects of noni for men is preliminary and unproven, but anecdotal evidences suggests that noni may be an effective immune-booster.

Some preparations of noni for men may also include other herbal supplements such as ginseng, saw palmetto, and vitamins B and E. Taking noni for men in this form may provide additional health benefits. These herbal combinations often include herbs that are believed to target specific men's health issues, such as problems with the prostate and sexual dysfunction. Before taking noni for men, a man should check with is doctor as the plant can cause adverse reactions in some people, including those who cannot tolerate potassium.


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Post 4

I do have a good one. I have had 28 surgeries consisting of three back surgeries, bilateral shoulder reconstruction and multiple knee surgeries including bilateral knee replacement . Forcing me to take opiates due to extreme pain. Two years ago, I bought a noni tree it took that time to fruit and had my first fruit in late January of 2017. After that, I must've eaten at least nine, since then I have completely stopped taking opioids all together without having the necessity of detox and helping 90 percent with my multiple pains. I thank God for this great tree. People just give it a chance and have faith in God, the Son and the Holly Spirit. Blessings.

Post 3

I'm an Australian, and Noni fruit is as available as apples are! It's everywhere! It's funny seeing all these people just hearing about it now and getting over-excited. It is great little fruit, but I'm sure in other countries there are different fruits and vegetables available with numerous antioxidants also. I'll continue eating them three or four times a week as I have done since I was a kid, and hooray if I avoid cancer!

Post 2

@SZapper - It is always a good idea to get a lot of antioxidants in your diet. However, you've indirectly made a pretty good point: you can get antioxidants from a lot of foods that are readily available at the grocery store!

Since noni doesn't have that much scientific evidence backing it up, I would skip spending money on it. You're probably better off spending your money on fruits and vegetables than bothering with this supplement.

Of course, if real, concrete scientific evidence ever comes out in noni's favor, I'll retract my statement. But until that time, I'm not buying this!

Post 1

It sounds like noni has some benefits for both men and women! I'm especially interested in the antioxidant and tumor fighting effects of this fruit. Antioxidants have been proven to have a ton of positive effects, so I try to get as much of them in my diet as I can!

I'm going to look into noni, although I'll probably get a supplement that is geared towards women. I don't have any issues with potassium, so I think this supplement will be safe for me.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue eating other antioxidant rich foods like blueberries and leafy greens!

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