What Are the Benefits of Music for Anger?

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Anger management programs for adults and teenagers often incorporate music as a major part of therapy. Listening to music for anger issues may produce a feeling of well being for many people. Music may calm a person's nerves or heighten emotional awareness. As a result of unhealthy anger, many people experience medical issues such as hypertension. Listening to music for anger issues may lower blood pressure in many people.

Incorporating music for anger management treatment can be done in several ways. Listening to certain types of music is one method to help patients control their anger. For others, composing music is the best form of therapy for anger issues.

Many people who experience problems with anger often find it difficult to express their feelings in a healthy way. Some people keep their emotions, fears, and frustrations hidden and bottled inside, until it becomes overwhelming. As a result, the person may display outbursts of rage without warning or provocation. Therapists and behavioral experts in anger management often incorporate music into treatment for anger issues. This may encourage patients to recall incidents that impacted their lives, and help them reflect upon the positive.


Music can help people put things into a new perspective. When listening to music, a person may find significance in the lyrics or a story that he can relate to. When listening to music for anger, the person might choose songs that tell a story similar to a situation he has experienced. This can help him sort through feelings of disappointment and anger in a constructive way. As a result, healthy anger can replace destructive behavior or violent outbursts.

Therapists and experts may suggest various types of music to target specific anger issues. For instance, those displaying what is known as addictive anger may be helped by songs that depict feelings of despair over a broken relationship. Music that reflects rebellion and angst may be recommended for people who display explosive anger. Other types of music for anger may promote self-healing through positive thinking and reinforcement.

Not all types of music have the same effect on every individual. Some may find that spiritual, classical, or instrumental music soothes their senses. Other people claim that listening to angst-ridden lyrics produces a calming effect.

Performing music, either publicly or privately, often helps those with anger issues. For many musicians, composing music and song lyrics can help express feelings of deep-rooted anger or anxiety. Subsequently, people who use their music as a constructive outlet may be better able to cope.


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Sometimes, loud, fast music does help dissipate anger in a healthy way. It's also motivational for doing more strenuous exercise, which can also help reduce anger. I think the right songs are most beneficial for helping someone work through angry feelings.

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