What Are the Benefits of Mint Shampoo?

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Mint shampoo is popular for a number of reasons, and not just because of its refreshing, clean smell. Using it may actually help to promote hair growth in people with thinning hair, because it can stimulate blood flow to the scalp. In addition, it may help to clear up and prevent dandruff, and through its antiseptic properties may help to relieve an itchy scalp. In general, shampoo made with essential peppermint oil is the best choice for an individual who wants the skin soothing properties of this type of shampoo. Otherwise, any other type of shampoo made with mint can still offer a pleasant aromatic experience.

Some people use mint as part of a relaxing aromatherapy session. Using mint shampoo in the shower can have the same benefit, and many people find that it helps to relieve stress while helping them wake up in the morning. In addition, for people suffering from nasal or sinus congestion, the combination of the steam from the shower, and the mint smell from the shampoo can help to open up nasal passages and relieve congestion. Some use it to try to treat headaches naturally. It may also help to prevent coughing and wheezing from tightness in the chest or conditions such as asthma or bronchitis.


In addition to its aromatic benefits, mint shampoo is good for the hair and scalp as well. People with dry hair especially find that it beneficial to them; experts recommend that children should not use this type of shampoo, however, as it can be irritating. It does have some antiseptic properties as well, which can help to relieve an itchy scalp. In addition, the essential oils used in it can have a cooling sensation on the skin, which can also be beneficial for a dry or itchy scalp.

Some also recommend using mint shampoo to treat dandruff or even lice, but it is best to ask a doctor or dermatologist before doing this. It is frequently recommended for people with thinning hair, because the mint helps to increase blood flow to the scalp. This encourages the growth of new hair.

If mint shampoo is too strong to use everyday, purchase another shampoo to alternate with. Some people find that daily use of the shampoo can be irritating. Also, depending on an individual's hair type, going a day or two in between washings can actually be beneficial to the hair.


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Post 4

I use a clarifying mint, grapefruit shampoo on my hair once a week. Before I started using this shampoo, I had a lot of build up from product that I would put in my hair.

My hairdresser recommended I try this to see if it would help, and it really works. If I forget to use it for a couple weeks, my hair starts to feel heavy and a little on the greasy side.

One application of this shampoo, and my hair feels very clean and looks shiny again. The mint scent is also very invigorating and feels very good on my scalp.

Post 3

I've been making my own mint shampoo since I was a student and unable to pay the store prices.

Oily hair like mine responds well to the ingredients, and I find it mild enough to use most days.

I use a base shampoo from a respected organic company. Just measure a quarter of a cup of this liquid into a bowl and mix with half a cup of cool, previously boiled water.

Add two or three tablespoons of chopped fresh mint and leave it to soak for about an hour. You can use dried mint at a push, but I honestly think it is better with fresh. (Mint is very easy to grow in a pot at home, try it!)

Don't forget to strain the shampoo into a clean bottle with a tight cap. As beneficial as mint is to your hair, you don't want to have lots of it actually left in there!

Post 2

@Windchime - In my experience it is best to choose a product which will give you the full benefit of its ingredients.

While the shampoos which combine mint with another herb or natural extract have some plus points, it makes sense to find a 100% mint shampoo.

If you can't find any stockists close to home you should look online. I would advise you check out homeopathic type stores, to make sure the shampoo is natural, not just a generic bottle with mint scent added.

Post 1

I'm interested in trying a mint shampoo but the brands I see in my local store seem to be combination products.

If I buy mint shampoo with rosemary,teatree, basil or lavender blended in will I still get the benefits described here?

They seem quite expensive compared to regular hair products, which I don't mind, so long as they are worth it.

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