What Are the Benefits of Military Experience?

People who serve in the US military are more likely to vote, have greater academic achievement and earn more money than people in the general population, according the US Census Bureau. Many people leave the military with improved personal discipline and an increased work ethic, but there also are some significant financial benefits to having military experience. These include tax benefits in some countries and the ability of military families to purchase goods at low prices at military stores, as well as educational, mortgage and employment benefits during or after active service.

More about the benefits of military experience:

  • Members of the military can receive on-the-job training in a variety of trades and professions. Combined with their military experience, veterans can use this training to secure civilian employment.

  • In the US, people who have military experience can get low rates on mortgages through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loans program.

  • Some government employers give preferential treatment to job applicants who are veterans.

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Now if only the veterans could receive certification for their acquired skills while in the military, it would benefit their job seeking ability rather than go through a certification process when they return home.

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