What are the Benefits of Mahogany Wood?

Dan Cavallari

Mahogany wood is highly sought-after for furniture making as well as other applications such as boat building and musical instrument construction because of its attractive appearance and overall strength. Woodworkers enjoy working with mahogany wood because it cuts well, sands down to reveal an attractive grain, can be glued easily and solidly, and can be finished and polished to a shine. This type of wood can be expensive, but consumers are often willing to pay the price for mahogany wood for its visual appeal and rugged durability.

Mahogany wood furniture can be more expensive, but it ages well and is very durable.
Mahogany wood furniture can be more expensive, but it ages well and is very durable.

Acquiring mahogany wood can be difficult sometimes, as it is in high demand and therefore expensive. The wood is desired by builders because it seasons quickly and is easy to work with during the construction process. The wood can be scrolled easily as well; scrolling involves very fine cuts often used for decorative purposes, and mahogany wood is especially workable in this regard. Once sanded down and stained, the wood can be polished to a high shine, making it a popular choice for furniture, veneers, and other aesthetic purposes.

Mahogany sands down to reveal an attractive grain.
Mahogany sands down to reveal an attractive grain.

Mahogany does not bend well, so when it needs to be bent into certain curves or shapes, it must be done carefully and with the aid of steam. It is a very rigid wood, which makes it a very good choice for certain applications that require vertical or horizontal rigidity. This durable wood that will resist common damage to wood, such as chipping, splitting, or pitting, especially when being cut during the construction process. It ages well and retains its visual appeal over the course of many years, and it is resistant to warping or other damage when exposed to moisture and other weather. Depending on the wood's finish, mahogany wood can be cleaned fairly easily without damaging the wood.

When used as a door, mahogany wood is a good choice because it is resistant to bug infestations, and it will block a fair amount of sound, meaning any traffic noise from outside will not come through as much as it would with a door that is not solid or a door made from other woods. Mahogany tables are popular as well because of the durability and resistance to stains and water damage so common among other types of dining tables.

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My mahogany furniture dates back to the 1930'. It had been painted strange colors over the years, and so about nine years ago, I had someone refinish it. It is beautiful, but the person who did it used something on the inside of the drawers. The wood in the drawers used to smell heavenly, but now it just really stinks like a chemical! How do I get the original wood smell back?

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