What Are the Benefits of Magnets for Arthritis?

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Two of the main benefits of using magnets for arthritis treatment are that magnets may relieve pain endured by many arthritis sufferers while presenting an alternative to pharmaceutical medications. For some people, treating arthritis with magnets is a way of avoiding negative side effects sometimes experienced with other treatments. Studies about the use of magnets for arthritis have revealed a usefulness in using magnets to diagnose arthritic symptoms in animals.

Among the various causes of arthritis are genetics, age, injury and inflammation caused by crystallized uric acid settling in the joints. There are also multiple types of arthritis, most of which fall into three basic categories: rheumatoid arthritis, gout and osteoarthritis. Regardless of the cause or type, however, most arthritis sufferers experience painful symptoms leading those afflicted to search for therapies that will assist with managing arthritis pain. Using magnets for arthritis is one such therapy that researchers continue to study to determine its effectiveness.

Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests that wearing magnets or sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad may reduce the severity of pain experienced by some people. The effects of this treatment seem to work best when strong magnets are placed directly at pain sites. While further research is needed to determine how effective magnets are at relieving pain, many who use magnets for arthritis report a significant decrease in discomfort and pain.


Many prefer using magnets for arthritis as an alternative to prescription medications. In some instances, this is due to side effects associated with certain medications. Other people simply prefer the benefit of applying a magnet to areas where pain persists instead of ingesting a chemical remedy. While arthritis medications are often considered safe and effective, many people simply prefer using alternative health options.

Physical side effects associated with using magnets for arthritis are rare, but they do exist. In particular, those who wear electronic devices, such as a pacemaker, should probably not use magnets for arthritis. This is largely due to the possibility that magnets may interfere with a device’s operation.

The benefits of using magnets for arthritis may also extend to veterinary health. As do humans, many animals develop arthritis as they grow older. Veterinarians have found success in using magnets to locate the presence of inflamed joints in animals and, thus, may be able to diagnose and treat symptoms more effectively.


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Post 3

Sporkasia - My friend had used various remedies before she tried the magnets. Some of them worked and some of them not so much. She uses the magnet glove with some of the other remedies that have proven partially effective.

I want to make it clear that she doesn't say magnets are the only remedy she will ever need, but as long as they are helping she will use them. I'm sure they don't work for everyone.

Post 2

Drentel - Magnets for arthritis is news to me. Are the magnets supposed to pull out the pain? I can understand that the warmth would help relieve your friend's pain. Couldn't she use a heating pad, or one of those creams that heat up when applied to the skin?

Post 1

I have a friend who wears one of the magnetic gloves for arthritis in her hand. Primarily, she has pain in the lower joint of her thumb, but she also feels pain in her little finger during cold weather.

She has only been using magnets for a short time, but she likes them. According to her, the warmth created by the magnets is reason enough for her to use them.

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