What are the Benefits of Liquid Silica?

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The benefits of liquid silica can vary from person to person and also preparation to preparation, but in general the supplement is praised for its ability to treat joint pain, to slow the progression of certain organ problems like kidney disease, and to strengthen the heart. Many people also use it cosmetically, most frequently as a hair strengthener and shiner. Results aren’t usually instantaneous for any of these applications, though. For best results, silica use may be required for several weeks or even months. As a consequence, people who are trying to use the supplement to treat very serious conditions like heart disease are usually wise to take it in conjunction with, rather than instead of, other drugs and therapies. The supplement is often considered “all natural,” but this doesn’t necessarily make it safe or appropriate for all uses. Doctors typically recommend that anyone thinking of using this or other related supplements speak to a qualified healthcare provider first to discuss the more personalized risks and benefits.


Supplement Basics

Liquid silica is sometimes also referred to as “extract of silica,” and it’s a silicone dioxide compound. As such, it carries the chemical formula SiO2. In its liquid form it’s usually heavily diluted, and though its chemical makeup may be the same as silicone oxides occurring in nature, its potency and strength usually are not. Silicone dioxide generally has a number of important uses in manufacturing and industry. Liquid versions are used almost exclusively as a cosmetic additive and nutritional supplement.

Treatment of Joint Pain

One of the most frequently cited benefits of the liquid supplement it its potential to treat, ease, and heal joint irritation, particularly in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. Silica contains many nutrients effective in the treatment of many types of joint inflammation. Through regular use, those who suffer from these sorts of conditions may see an increased ability to move the affected areas. It is important for those who suffer from these sorts of conditions to understand that it can take several weeks or even months for symptoms of arthritis to disappear when using silica in its liquid form, though, and in most cases symptoms will come back fairly quickly once supplementation stops.

As a Tool Against Kidney Disease

Another common benefit concerns the treatment of kidney disease. While silica may not actually prevent the development of this condition, it has been found to be effective in treating pain associated with kidney stones, which is a very common symptom in most sufferers. Additionally, numerous studies have suggested that regular silica consumption can be a good way to maintain urinary tract health. Those suffering from chronic bladder infections sometimes also incorporate this supplement into their diets as a means of preventative care and protection.

Cardiovascular Health and Repair

Silica has also been found to be effective in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. It is important in maintaining the quality of the blood vessels, thereby making blood and oxygen transport much easier. In addition, silica has proven effective in decreasing blood cells' ability to coagulate, thereby significantly lowering the risk of blood clot development. Many who have cardiovascular disease, have a family member with the condition, or are at risk of developing heart disease for other reasons have begun including the product in their diets as a means of prevention and proactive care.

Topical and Cosmetic Uses

The supplement is also used cosmetically to improve the quality of hair. Studies have found that silica is effective in maintaining luster and providing protection from external heat sources, such as blow dryers and curling irons. Silica is already found in several shampoos and other beauty products. Those who cannot find these sorts of “enhanced” or “enriched” products can simply apply a small amount of dietary liquid silica to their own shampoos. Consuming it may also lead to similar effects.

Risks and Precautions

As with most nutritional and dietary supplements, the benefits of liquid silica aren’t universal, and can be much more pronounced in one person than in another. Another way of saying this is that just because one person sees certain benefits doesn’t mean that anyone who takes the supplement can duplicate those results. A lot depends on things like individual body chemistry, the specifics of the condition being treated, and other lifestyle choices.

In some people, the supplement can actually have negative consequences. Allergic reactions happen in a small percentage of the population, and taking too much can lead to things like skin irritation and upset stomach. There is also a possibility of drug interaction with certain pharmaceuticals. Most experts recommend that anyone considering adding silica to their daily health regimen talk to a healthcare provider or pharmacist first to better understand the risks and potential benefits.


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