What are the Benefits of Lemon Cough Drops?

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Lemon cough drops are frequently beneficial to people suffering with a cold, because they can naturally soothe the throat and suppress coughing. Drops made of real lemon juice are also likely to contain vitamin C. This is often thought to help in preventing the common cold, flu, and pneumonia, as well as helping to speed the healing an affected person. Lemon-flavored cough drops typically taste better than plain menthol cough drops, so children are usually more likely to take them. A person generally does not suffer any side effects from using the drops.

Cough medicine that is flavored with lemon usually helps to soothe the raw, inflamed throats of sick people. Lemon cough drops also tend to suppress the coughing that is associated with these infections. These drops normally work well during the day, or at night, to relieve the tickle in the back of a person's throat that can sometimes trigger deep coughing spells.

Drops that are made with natural lemon juice rather than a lemon flavoring can be very healthy for a person to use, because they usually contain a high amount of vitamin C. This substance is sometimes taken, in supplement form, to prevent an individual from catching a cold. Natural lemon drops can give a person the additional dosage of this essential nutrient needed to fight the viruses that cause colds and many different strains of flu.


Lemon cough drops might be more appealing for children to take than plain menthol drops. Many times, this medicine also contains honey. The addition of this natural sugar can sweeten the cough drop just enough to reduce the tart citrus taste so that children may think it tastes more like candy than medicine. Kids are usually more inclined to suck on such a cough drop than unflavored or unsweetened ones.

There are usually no side effects noticed when a person uses lemon cough drops. Some potential problems could occur if a person is diabetic and the drop has a high amount of sugar in it. This is not generally a problem unless a large number of drops are consumed. Many pharmacies carry sugar-free lemon drops for use by diabetic patients.

People suffering from heavy coughing, wheezing, or a sore throat might want to consider using lemon cough drops to help relieve these symptoms. The drops usually ease such conditions rather quickly, and generally have a very pleasant taste. The treatment can be inexpensive and usually does not cause worrisome side effects. This means these drops are generally safe even for children to use.


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