What are the Benefits of Laser Acupuncture?

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The benefits of laser acupuncture are very similar to the benefits of acupuncture performed with needles. Many conditions that typically respond well to traditional acupuncture respond equally well to laser acupuncture, although lasers cannot be used to reach deep acupuncture points. Like traditional acupuncture, laser acupuncture has many benefits relating to pain relief and can be used to treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Some people use acupuncture for conditions such as addiction and depression. Laser acupuncture has the additional benefit of requiring no puncturing of the skin, no pain, and no needles, which often inspire fear.

Acupuncture may also be used on animals for pain relief and treatment of other conditions. Laser acupuncture is particularly useful in these cases because an animal cannot reliably be expected to sit still for needles. Pets that require acupuncture may go through less trauma with the same benefits when lasers are used. Also, as the skin is not broken, aftercare for animals is simple. It is, however, often difficult to locate veterinary clinics that practice laser acupuncture on animals.


One of the most important benefits of laser acupuncture over the use of needles for treatment is a reduction in anxiety and fear on the part of the patient. Fear of needles is very common, and the use of needles in a procedure designed to reduce pain often results in additional tension in the patient. Many people react to the sight of needles puncturing skin with fainting or vomiting, making acupuncture an untenable solution for any condition. Lasers provide most of the benefits of traditional acupuncture in a system much less likely to cause panic in patients.

There are some problems with the use of lasers in acupuncture. The light used for this treatment does not reach deep enough into the body to stimulate certain acupuncture points, which limits its potential for use. Also, while traditional acupuncture performed with needles has been studied extensively, this therapy is relatively unregulated, and it is possible to purchase laser acupuncture kits to perform this treatment without training. It is very important that the acupuncturist providing laser treatments has received some kind of training and knows what he or she is doing in order for treatments to be effective and safe.


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