What are the Benefits of Jojoba Oil?

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Jojoba oil is a liquid emollient that comes from the seeds of the jojoba plant. These plants are shrubs that are native the the southwestern United States and northern parts of Mexico. The key benefits of jojoba oil have to do with its ability to moisturize and soothe the skin.

This oil is actually a liquid wax, therefore it is a very potent moisturizer and even a small amount can treat a large area of skin. Jojoba oil can be used on its own, but it is also often used in moisturizers, face masks, body creams, soaps, shampoos, and shower gels. One of the best things about jojoba oil is that it can be used in products that clean and moisturize the skin at the same time.

One of the benefits of jojoba oil is that can be used to treat a dry scalp just as it can be used to treat dry skin. Some shampoos and conditioners that target scalp dryness include jojoba oil. Jojoba oil can be rubbed through the scalp after the hair has been washed. If this leaves the hair too oily, however, the scalp can be treated with jojoba oil prior to shampooing.

Many drugstores and health food stores carry jojoba oil in their beauty products aisle. In general, a small bottle of the oil can be purchased for around ten dollars. Some diet and nutrition stores even carry generic brands that are particularly affordable.

Because one of the key benefits of jojoba oil is the fact that it can moisturize and cleanse the skin at the same time, it is great for use in the bath. Simply draw a hot bath and add just a few spoonfuls of jojoba oil. The oil can be added to regular bubble bath or used alone. For a special treat, try adding a few drops of essential oil as well.

Humans are not the only mammals that can enjoy the benefits of jojoba oil. In fact, jojoba oil can be used to treat dry and cracked skin on domestic pets. It is especially soothing to dry and cracked pads on dogs' feet. It can also be used as a coat conditioner. Jojoba oil is most commonly used for dogs and cats, but it can also be used on a variety of exotic pets such as chinchillas, who sometimes suffer from dry skin on their ears and the pads of their feet.

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Post 5

I have used jojoba oil for my hair and it really helped my gray hair that was really dry. I just massaged it into my hair before washing it and it is nice and shiny.

Post 3

@minthybear19 - I use Jojoba oil for acne myself. I think jojoba, coconut and almond oil all do about the same thing. They keep skin soft and healthy. Jojoba is just a lot cheaper than most acne treating products and it's all natural so I won't be damaging my face just to have clear skin.

I've use it on my hair too, but not because it's bleached -- just because I want shiny hair. Since jojoba's a type of wax, it really makes hair shine. I comb it into my hair about half an hour before I wash it so that it has time to absorb.

Post 2

@minthybear19 - I use jojoba oil on my hair and in my bath -- it definitely helps with bleached hair. I used coconut oil for awhile but it can be a little pricey for the organic jars. Jojoba is a nice alternative and is a little cheaper, though not by much.

Since I use it in my bath, jojoba oil keeps my skin really healthy. I think you're right -- half the reason people get wrinkles is because their skin dries out. I also use aloe vera on my face before the jojoba -- it's supposed to keep skin stretchy and soft too.

Post 1

I use jojoba oil for my hair. I've had my hair bleached for years now and the jojoba oil works better than most conditioners to keep my hair from turning into straw. I use it as oil for my skin instead of moisturizers. I think that using natural oils are much healthier for my skin in the long run. If you keep your skin soft, you're less likely to have wrinkles!

Jojoba oil is one of those things that people who use it, love it -- and people that don't use it just haven't heard about it yet. It's cheaper than coconut oil and works just as good.

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