What are the Benefits of Jogging?

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Jogging, which is slow running, has many advantages. The benefits of jogging aren't just physical, but can be mental and even spiritual. People who jog in groups often say that jogging is also socially beneficial. One of the many benefits of jogging is that it can be done both outdoors and indoors for little cost.

Although many people who can afford it use a treadmill for indoor running, good shoes are the only real requirement for the sport of jogging. Jogging can be done in one place, or on the spot, indoors without much space or any equipment needed other than supportive running shoes. The same good shoes can be used for jogging almost anywhere outdoors in pleasant weather.

Properly fitted running shoes are crucial for joggers to help absorb the shock on the body's feet and joints when jogging. A strong benefit of jogging is that it doesn't usually place as much strain on the feet and joints as faster running. Jogging is also a good way for people new to running to ease into maintaining the faster pace by alternating between a jog and a run during their beginning sessions.

The physical benefits of jogging include improving the body's overall tone as well as cardiovascular fitness. Jogging gets the heart rate going as well as the entire body moving. This exercise burns calories and can help those who do it maintain a healthy body weight. Jogging regularly can also help increase energy and stamina. In its physical benefits, jogging may aid in fighting some of the effects of aging.

The sport of jogging is versatile in that not only can it be done both outdoors and indoors, it can also be a solo or a social athletic activity. Running at full speed usually makes conversation with other runners impossible, but since jogging is a slower run, groups of joggers may talk to each. The social benefits of jogging can inspire people who prefer the company of others when working out to keep participating in the sport.

Some joggers say that jogging can create a spiritual feeling. The appeal of being outdoors can make some people feel more in touch with the world. Many joggers also include mental health as one of the benefits of jogging. For some people, jogging after work or on the weekends is a good way to relieve stress and anxiety as well as get a workout for the sake of their physical health.

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Post 2

Jogging can be great exercise for new moms. Instead of having to drive to a gym and leave your baby in the nursery, you can just pop her in the jogging stroller and head out the front door. Then you're spending time with your baby and showing her the world and burning calories at the same time. (Baby weight, anyone?) And new moms really need that emotional boost the previous poster was talking about!

Post 1

For me, another major benefit of running or jogging is the emotional boost. It used to be that if I had a bad day, I would eat some chocolate or have a glass of wine. Now I lace up my running shoes, and the endorphins really pick me up. (OK, sometimes I still have the glass of wine!)

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