What Are the Benefits of Insulated Attic Doors?

Lori Kilchermann

Some of the benefits of insulated attic doors are reduced heating and cooling costs, decreased moisture in the attic due to the infiltration of warm air during cold seasons and the elimination of attic dust making its way into living quarters. Other reasons to use insulated attic doors include if the attic will ever be used as a work space or additional living space. Sound-dampening is also a benefit of installing insulated attic doors.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Although many attics are used exclusively to provide storage space, this area can be a costly drain on the family income by allowing unwanted heat and cold to enter the home. Many homeowners attempt to ease this financial leak by insulating the attic. While this helps, there is often a continuous flow of hot summer and cold winter air through the attic door area. Fortunately, this is often remedied by the installation of insulated attic doors. The insulated attic doors commonly aid in the prevention of unwanted hot air escaping the attic and warming the upper areas of the home. This transfer of air can lead to increased cooling costs in the heat of summer.

The reverse is true in the winter months. Warm air is often escaping the living quarters into the attic through the attic doors. Along with increasing heating costs, this can also create another unwanted situation within the structure. The constant flow of warm and cool air can lead to the buildup of moisture in the form of condensation. Left unattended, this condensation can saturate fiberglass or cellulose insulation. More importantly, this can lead to the formation and growth of mold in the attic of the structure. Exposure to mold is responsible for many health problems, including death, if allowed to remain unchecked in a home.

By installing insulated attic doors, these risks can be reduced or removed, depending on the situation. Some manufacturers of roofing shingles suggest a longer life when placed over an attic space that is fully insulated. This is due to a decrease in interior attic temperature fluctuation and a more stable surface for the shingles to lie on. Another benefit in installing insulated attic doors is the reduction in attic dust making its way into the home living areas. Insulated doors often fit tighter than a comparably constructed, non-insulated door. Tighter manufacturing tolerances as well as reduced shrinking and swelling caused by changing temperatures are another benefit in choosing insulated attic doors for a structure.

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