What Are the Benefits of Hypnotherapy?

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The benefits of hypnotherapy can include profound changes in habits and behavior, deep relaxation, and relief from phobias. Many people have used hypnotherapy to conquer troublesome behaviors such as insomnia, bed-wetting, or tobacco addiction. Some believe that the benefits of hypnotherapy can include enhanced artistic or cognitive abilities. Hypnotherapy can help improve academic and physical performance, may help to strengthen interpersonal relationships, and may even benefit the health. The benefits of hypnotherapy can include healing from deep-seated emotional traumas, depression, or anxiety disorders.

One of the main benefits of hypnotherapy may be the profound sense of relaxation subjects feel while in the state of hypnosis. This state of relaxation can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression to improve overall health. Many believe that the benefits of hypnotherapy include the ability to aid in weight loss, the ability to bring pain relief, and the ability to ease symptoms of allergies or asthma.

Many people use hypnotherapy to explore painful past experiences and emotions. Hypnotherapy may be an effective way for many to cope with past emotional traumas, especially when those experiences are difficult to discuss consciously. Some people use hypnotherapy to strengthen relationships with friends, partners, children, and others to whom they wish to remain close.


Hypnotherapy may help in the treatment of mental disorders, particularly phobias and other anxiety disorders. It is said to help improve academic, sexual, cognitive, and physical performance. Many people use hypnotherapy to eliminate bad habits in children and adults, such as bed-wetting, tobacco use, compulsive over-eating, thumb-sucking, and nail-biting.

Hypnotherapists generally perform this type of therapy by putting subjects into a state of deep physical relaxation, known as the state of hypnosis. Subjects generally remain alert and awake, but they are profoundly relaxed on a physical level. Hypnotherapists believe this state of deep relaxation allows direct access to the subconscious part of the mind. While subjects are in the state of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist can suggest changes in behavior and perception that may help to improve the subject's life. Hypnotherapists generally believe that placing these suggestions directly into the subconscious mind can override previously held beliefs and behavior patterns to create dramatic changes in the subject's life.

Many people choose hypnotherapy because it is not considered dangerous. It does not require invasive procedures or drugs. Most hypnotherapists believe it is impossible to alter a person's behavior against his will with hypnotic suggestions. The benefits of hypnotherapy are said to become apparent quickly. As many as 85% of those who undergo hypnotherapy experience benefits.


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