What are the Benefits of Hypnosis for Golf?

Nick Mann

For many players, golf can be a mentally demanding sport. Maintaining concentration and keeping one's cool on the golf course are often just as important as the actual physical skills required to swing a club. This is why almost all of golf's elite players need to possess a certain mental resilience and must be able to overcome adversity. One way of mastering the psychological demands of the game is through hypnosis for golf. Hypnosis has several benefits that include increased confidence, minimized fear, deeper focus and better visualization skills.

Hypnotherapy may help golfers find a stronger sense of self-confidence.
Hypnotherapy may help golfers find a stronger sense of self-confidence.

Probably the biggest benefit of hypnosis for golf is the improvement in confidence that it offers. Undergoing hypnotherapy can unlock a golfer's maximum potential by teaching him how to remain calm and maintain objectivity throughout a game. As an example, say a golfer hits a poor shot and his confidence is shaken as a result. Hypnosis would train his mind to have "short term memory" and concentrate on the next shot instead of beating himself up for the previous poor shot. Ultimately, this approach should minimize negative thoughts and let positive, helpful thoughts prevail.

Some golfers find that hypnosis helps them to master the psychological demands of playing golf.
Some golfers find that hypnosis helps them to master the psychological demands of playing golf.

Decreased fear is another positive result that can be achieved through hypnosis for golf. One of the biggest barriers to success and unlocking one's potential is being paralyzed by irrational fear. Hypnotherapy often helps golfers to get past doubt and attain a higher level of self trust. By propelling a golfer beyond the normal mental limitations imposed by fear, hypnosis can produce enhanced performance.

A deeper level of focus is another important benefit of hypnosis for golf. It's quite easy for golfers to be distracted by worries and problems stemming from normal life off of the course. Hypnotherapy teaches the golfer to separate his normal life from the task at hand, which is playing the best round of golf possible. It also trains the golfer to focus on one shot at a time rather than clouding his mind with pointless worries. This training will increase concentration which should result in a better golf score.

Hypnosis for golf is also beneficial because of the enhanced visualization skills it can provide. Most golfers learn to appreciate the ability to see the next shot in their mind's eye before ever actually taking a swing. This helps with the golfer's follow through, and improves the likelihood that the ball will reach its intended target. In this way, hypnosis-aided visualization skills can assist golfers in developing a more effective swing.

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Discussion Comments


@titans62 - That is a very unfortunate thing and I really have to wonder of some names of professional golfers that have succumbed to the rigors and pressures of the game and never were able to make it back to play at the elite level they once did.

I am sure that there are many instances nowadays and not as many in the past due to more money and more sponsorship being on the line directly related to a players performance.

I find that golf is the one sport where one has to earn all their money as virtually nothing is guaranteed, like in other sports like football and baseball. This means that the player is pressured to not fall in their level of play or else there will be financial consequences that could effect their everyday life.


@stl156 - That is a great point and was very well said. Whenever someone loses their mental edge and has subliminal messages go through their head concerning some facet of their game it becomes a game in itself as there is little one can do to help besides fully overcome their mental block.

I really think the best way is to stay positive, but unfortunately that does not always help.

For some people that have lost their mental edge and play golf for a living, this means that they have lost their livelihood and they need to do whatever works in order to get it back even if that does mean using hypnosis.

There are plenty of sports psychologists out there available to help people that have succumbed to the pressures and demands of the sport, but unfortunately there is only so much one of these people can do for someone and there are plenty of instances in which someone was not able to overcome, especially int he game of golf.


@jcraig - I understand what you are saying, but in my experience the loss of the mental edge in golf is something that is very difficult for a person to get back and if they are a good golfer and lose their mental edge they tend to become desperate as their fall in their play causes them to lose their love for the game.

I find it to be a very unfortunate thing and I have seen it happen to many good players. It is easy to tell someone that they do not need to worry, but when there are so many things that can go wrong with a golf swing, one that has lost their mental game will start to doubt them self once they start to hit bad shots.

I agree that hypnosis does sound a little extreme and I think there are more practical things someone could do to help their game, but people do get this desperate once they lose their mental edge and they simply are becoming desperate because they do not want to lose their love for the game.


I have to be totally honest and I do not mean to sound harsh and completely knock hypnotists, but hypnosis is something that is absolutely not needed in order to help someone's game and I think that it is a completely and absolutely ridiculous thing for someone to attempt to do in order to just try and help their golf game.

I know that golf is a very demanding sport, but it is a sport that is a game at its basic core and for someone to use hypnosis it just shows that they simply do not have the mental game that is available to them in order to play golf effectively.

Concentrating and being confident in golf is a simple thing. All someone has to do is know that they will hit bad shots during the course of a round and since they are not a professional golfer they do not need to focus so much on their score. They need to simply play the game for what it is, which is a game and just focus on having a good time.

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