What Are the Benefits of Horse Shampoo?

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There are several benefits to using horse shampoo on human hair, including increased thickness, beautiful color, and rich shine. First created in 1970, this shampoo was originally intended for use on horse hair, but humans have found it very beneficial to their own hair. It was made to beautify and tame the most unruly hair on horses, but horse owners began to realize that it could moisturize, clean, and thicken their hair as well. As more and more horse owners began to use the shampoo for their own scalp, it became known as a secret to lush, healthy hair.

This shampoo was originally created for the main use of cleaning and taking care of a horse’s mane and tail. It would rid the horse’s hair of split ends and make it smooth and shiny instead of rough and dull. The intention of the horse shampoo was to make horse’s hair clean, moisturize it, and make it thicker. It worked so well that horse owners decided to try it and see if it would work for their hair as well, and were pleased to see that it did.

Human and horse hair is not very different; they are both comprised of the same types of proteins. This means they will most likely react to shampoos the same way. The type of hair, though, makes a difference when horse shampoo is used. Not all hair will react the same way to this product.

For individuals with dried out hair, this product may moisturize and bring life back to a dull mess. Those with oily hair, though, may find the product too heavy for their hair type. Some may experience smooth, thick hair, while others may find their hair turns into a kinky mess when horse shampoo is used. Almost all individuals, though, will experience a decrease in the daily amount of hair loss.

Many of the ingredients in commercially available horse shampoo marketed to people are the same that were used when it was designed for horses. Human shampoo is much less concentrated, however. Individuals who use this shampoo find their hair looks much shinier, cleaner, and seems a lot thicker. This thickness leads many people to believe their hair is growing faster with the use of horse shampoo, although this type of growth related to the product has not been proven

Another benefit of horse shampoo is that it is hypo-allergenic. There are no additives in the formula, and perfume is generally not used. This means the shampoo is more natural, and may work well for those who have sensitive scalps. It may also be beneficial for those who bleach or perm their hair on regular basis.

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@heavanet- Unfortunately, this is true of other types of shampoos that are made for animals. Typically, they have less artificial and chemical ingredients than human shampoos do. I found a shampoo in the pet section that is for dogs and it is totally natural. I use it on my hair all the time, and it is the best shampoo I have ever used.

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Horse shampoos are much better for human hair than most shampoos made for humans. One of the reasons is that horse shampoo is usually more naturally made than commercial products that are made for people. Though it is sometimes more costly than human shampoo brands, shampoo that is formulated for horses is worth the extra cost for the added benefits.

When looking for a horse shampoo, it is important to look for one with as many natural ingredients as possible. As a good rule of thumb, any type of shampoo with ingredients that are hard to pronounce or sound like chemicals should be avoided. As you look for the best horse shampoo for your hair needs, you will find that most brands do not contain many of these harmful ingredients.

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