What Are the Benefits of Gymnastic Rings Exercises?

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Gymnastic rings exercises are considered beneficial for people other than gymnasts, because there are many advantages to getting fit in this way. One benefit is the ability with gymnastic rings to work on both strength and flexibility, which can be helpful for both athletes and those just looking to get in shape. The rings also are known for being versatile, which means people of all sizes typically can use them. It also usually is easy to switch quickly from one move to another when doing gymnastic exercises, which means they are often considered good for circuit training.

The rings are known for being able to increase muscle mass in many parts of the body, with the arms and abdominal muscles usually getting the best workout. This type of workout is, however, usually a favorite among people looking to improve their core strength, because it requires the torso to stay rigid during each exercise. Gymnastic rings exercises also are good for increasing flexibility, making it easier to move and have good posture in general. For these reasons, nearly anyone can benefit from gymnastics exercises of this type, whether they are trying to improve their athletic performance or get in better shape.


Another advantage of performing gymnastic rings exercises is the fact that nearly anyone can perform them. This is because the rings are typically adjustable so they can be moved up or down to account for different heights, making it possible for several people to use one set. In addition, the nature of the rings is such that the difficulty of each exercise can easily be altered for different people, because moves get harder depending on the position of the person. For example, having someone lift the legs of the person working out can change the difficulty of the move, as can holding the body in a different position, meaning people of all skill levels can often use the same set of rings.

A final benefit of gymnastic rings exercises is that it is usually easy to move from one position to another. For example, someone might focus on a move that works out the arms, and then quickly switch to a position that is difficult for the abdominal muscles. The result is that circuit training is a possibility when using this exercise equipment, so people who use it do not have to stop between each exercise and switch to a different apparatus. For this reason, gymnastic rings exercises can often be used both for strength training and cardiovascular exercise.


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@zsazsa56 - My gym doesn't have rings but I have always wanted to try them. Can you think of a place where I could give them a try without having to commit to a regular membership?

Post 2

They just installed a set of rings at my gym. I have tried them a few times and I like them. At the very least they are more interesting than a lot of the shoulder exercises that I have done in the past.

I have found that the best way to stick to a workout schedule is to introduce variety. If you are constantly trying new things you will be engaged by your workouts and you will see better results. That's why I like using the rings, they shake my routine up.

Post 1

One of the biggest benefits of using Olympic rings it that it provides a dynamic and body weight centric motion. You never know how the rings will react to your movements so you get a full range of motions that engage a lot of your stabilizer muscles. Plus, since you are only using the weight of your own body you will develop lean and useful muscles, not the puffy muscles of a body builder.

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