What are the Benefits of Ginger Extract?

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Throughout history and in a variety of cultures, ginger extract has been used for its numerous health benefits. One of the most commonly recognized uses of ginger is for treating motion sickness and nausea. This versatile herbal supplement is also gaining popularity in the treatment of some forms of cancer, though those uses were still in the developmental stage in the early 21st century. Athletes and others who suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis also have found ginger extract to be beneficial.

The benefits of ginger extract as a nausea treatment are well documented. It can be used in treating nausea induced by motion sickness or caused by stomach upset or virus; it also is a safe morning sickness remedy for pregnant women. For optimum benefit, the ginger extract supplement has to be well tolerated. Fortunately, ginger is usually both effective and gentle on the system, and most people do well with it. Many experts recommend using Jamaican ginger extract in pill form if a person develops or has a reaction to it, though taking ginger in its fresh form as a tea or used in food is considered the best approach.


Some studies suggest that ginger extract can be used in treating and preventing specific types of cancer. In the laboratory, cultured colon cancer cell growth was inhibited by the use of ginger. Also on the cancer front, some research has indicated that the use of ginger in preventing and fighting ovarian cancer shows tremendous promise. As of 2010, the studies have focused on using ginger as a dietary supplement — either in pill form or taken fresh in food and drink — as the ideal way to gain the most benefit.

Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis affect thousands of people every year, and some of them have found some relief from their painful symptoms by using ginger. As an arthritis treatment, ginger works to reduce pain and inflammation caused by these common joint disorders. The school of thought in 2010 is that ginger, either fresh or ground, inhibits the effects of leukotriene production and prostaglandin, both found in high levels when the different types of arthritis are present. The use of ginger extract to treat this type of disorder has long been recorded, especially in the Asian and Ayurvedic traditions.


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