What Are the Benefits of Fingernail Buffing?

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There are several unique benefits to fingernail buffing, which is done by running a three or four-sided buffing block that moves up in steps from medium-rough to smooth surfaces over each individual nail. The main advantage of doing this is improving circulation in the nail bed, which can help to keep nails healthy and strong. It can help to prevent peeling and will file down ridges in the nails, making them smoother and more attractive. Fingernail buffing can also help nail treatments to penetrate more easily and for polish to adhere evenly.

Buffing nails gently helps to improve circulation underneath in the nail bed. Poor circulation in this area can hinder nail growth and result in weak nails that are more prone to splitting and hangnails on the sides of the fingers. As nails and the nail bed do not typically receive a lot of stimulation in daily life, taking care to gently buff fingernails regularly can help to keep them healthy.

For those who want to grow longer nails, fingernail buffing can help. One of the major hurdles to growing long, healthy nails is the tips of the nails peeling, weakening the ends and making them more prone to breaking off. In the same way that trimming split ends on hair prevents it from splitting up the hair shaft, regular fingernail buffing helps to smooth out any ridges in the nail that typically lead to peeling before the nail begins to peel and break off.


The process used to buff nails helps to smooth them out and make them shiny without the need for additional products. This can make fingernails more attractive in a relatively short amount of time, while still being kept natural. It can also help to prevent discoloration before nails become stained by removing dirt and other products that cause discoloration.

One of the best ways to maintain healthy nails is to regularly moisturize the fingernails and cuticles. When fingernail buffing is performed prior to the application of moisturizers, it helps to remove any dirt or build-up on the nails that would prevent the product from fully penetrating. It can also help products meant to strengthen nails stick to them long enough for the maximum benefits to be realized.

Fingernail buffing is necessary for those who apply polish to their nails and what the polish to stay on for as long as possible. The entire three- or four-step smoothing process removes build-up that can reduce how well polish adheres to the nails. It also smooths out the entire nail, helping polish apply more evenly and making manicured nails look more attractive.


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