What are the Benefits of Copper Cookware?

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Copper cookware tends to be one of the more expensive types, yet it's also one of the best as it has numerous benefits. Many professional chefs prefer to cook with copper pots and pans rather than other kinds of metal cookware because of its ability for fast, even heating. Copper cookware is strong, yet also beautiful for displaying in kitchens when it's polished to bring out its warm, reddish-brown shine.

A style benefit of copper cooking supplies is that they can help bring out the decor of either old-fashioned or modern kitchens. A set of copper clad cooking pans or pots can make a stunning kitchen focal point when displayed on a rack. Copper cookware is available in old-fashioned, rounded pieces with detailed trim as well as modern styles with clean lines. Copper bottom cookware is especially popular.

Copper-bottomed cookware that is mixed with stainless steel has the benefit of being attractive looking as well as conducting heat well. The cool silver of the steel body provides an interesting contrast to the warm red-brown of the copper bottom. In addition to cookware sets featuring stainless steel, copper is also sometimes lined with tin or nickel. All cookware made from copper needs another metal as the cooking surface. Copper is safe when used as an outer conducting layer, but can be toxic if food is cooked on it directly.


Because copper is a metal with excellent heat-conducting properties, as much as half of the electricity or gas is often needed to heat cookware made from it compared with pans made of other materials. This means the cooking time is much quicker, which is another benefit of copper cookware. Saving money and time along with having the beauty of copper pots and pans are all benefits very much appreciated by professional chefs as well many non-professional cooks. Since less cooking energy is needed, cookware made from copper also has the benefit of being earth-friendly.

The durability of copper pots and pans is a strong benefit both for families and commercial kitchens. Since copper cookware is strong and long-lasting, commercial kitchens can invest in its quality and not have to replace it as soon as they would with other types. Copper pots and pan sets can typically last for generations in a family. Keeping them polished with commercially sold cleaner or with salt and lemon juice is often well worth the benefits of having copper cookware to pass down to future generations.


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