What Are the Benefits of Community Development?

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Community development often involves the support of government-sponsored social programs. These initiatives are likely to promote economic growth in local cities and also improve the standard of living for many. The benefits of community development may become evident in the reduction of crime because of the greater opportunity for housing and less of an instance of homelessness. A potential increase in jobs is another advantage to this type of federal intervention. Children of families living in rural areas that are often the recipients of community programs might become better educated as a result of these allowances.

There are different features that could be associated with the targeted development of local communities. Some places could receive financial grants representing money that does not need to be repaid intended for a specific purpose. Economic distributions could be earmarked to finance improvements in infrastructure in a city, for instance. Community development via grants are often reserved for places that need some type of assistance to create satisfactory living and commerce conditions. Without the help, such cities could be in danger of high crime, unemployment, or homelessness because of the characteristics that often accompany poverty.


Federal or local government initiatives generally allocate funding to the cities, counties, or states that meet a set of criteria. Subsequently, the places that receive grant money are often the ones that demonstrate the greatest need. Included among the benefits of community development includes the respect that is often earned by the regional officials who are receiving financial support. In some cases, these individuals may have a say in the way that funding is distributed. Subsequently, city representatives could gain a greater sense of accomplishment and authority in an otherwise challenging environment.

The areas that are eligible for the benefits of community development may face inefficiencies in the modern-day conveniences that better equipped regions enjoy. Some advantages that could be reaped from economic initiatives in a region include upgrades to water purification and sewage systems. The result could be higher health standards for residents.

Other benefits of community development could surface in the type of housing that becomes available in a city. Economic initiatives that are devoted to improving the living conditions of residences could make affordable living more possible to low-income individuals. Improvements in housing are also likely to lead to an increase in the property values for surrounding residences and buildings, which could inspire further growth.


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Post 3

I'm taking a course in education at the moment and one of the things that has surprised me is that most research shows that education levels in children are far more affected by poverty than by the quality of teaching.

Good teachers can make a difference of course. But the biggest predictor of how well kids will do in school is their poverty level. So really, if you want to raise education levels, community development is the only way of doing it. And it makes sense. If kids aren't hungry and cold and worrying about the same things their parents worry about then they will be much more capable of concentrating on school.

And if parents can earn enough with one job to see their kids at night and read to them and encourage them with school work, that's got to help them as well.

Post 2

@pleonasm - I don't object to money being used to improve communities that need it. I think the problem is that often the money goes to the wrong place. It gets used for drugs or slips into corrupted pockets.

Even when it is used with the best intentions, I don't always think it is used in a way that is sustainable. There's no use building a community center if the people aren't going to use it for example.

Post 1

The argument that community development costs too much money is usually invalid. One example I read about recently is providing health care, food and shelter to homeless people. The thing is, if they stumble into the emergency room with severe medical problems they are going to be cared for and that will cost more money in the long run. It's better to just provide preventative care before that happens. Studies were done that show that it's much cheaper to provide housing than to provide ongoing medical care.

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