What Are the Benefits of Collagen Supplements?

Collagen is a substance that appears naturally in the body, but some people take supplements to increase their levels, especially since the amount of collagen in the body tends to decrease as people age. One of the benefits associated with taking collagen supplements is the ability to look younger because of thicker skin creased with fewer wrinkles. Thin lips, dull hair and brittle nails also can be improved with extra collagen, allowing patients to look and feel healthier and more attractive. Some people also take these kinds of nutritional supplements to reduce joint pain and aid tendons and ligaments.

One of the most popular uses of collagen supplements is to get rid of wrinkles on the face. As people age, their skin loses elasticity because of a gradual reduction in collagen, usually resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Thin, loose skin is believed to be firmed up with collagen supplementation, making wrinkles and fine lines less apparent. For this reason, some lotions feature collagen as one of their main ingredients, though some people prefer to take pills packed with this nutrient and there is some debate about whether collagen found in moisturizers actually does any good.


There are other cosmetic benefits that collagen boasts, because the skin is not the only body part that may look better after supplementation. For example, some people opt to get collagen injected into their lips to plump them up. In addition, the nails tend to become brittle with age, but collagen supplements can make them stronger and more elastic, meaning they break less easily. Similarly, hair often becomes thicker and shinier after supplementation, which is typically helpful among those whose hair has become thin and dull with age. Therefore, many products for the nails and hair include collagen, which can usually be rubbed directly onto the surface of these body parts for a more direct effect.

Additional benefits of the supplements have more to do with overall health than appearance. For instance, some patients take collagen supplements to get rid of pain with movement, especially in the joints. This substance is said to increase the elasticity and strength in both the muscles and joints, making it easier to move and to recuperate from injuries. This is because the cartilage needs the right amount of collagen to provide proper cushioning for the joints. Other types of connective tissue, such as tendons and ligaments, also may benefit from extra collagen, which can make it possible for older patients to stretch, exercise and heal.


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Post 8

Another supplement that is very good; MSM you can purchase at Walmart cheaper than any GNC store. It helps with joints, muscle pain, and it does thin the blood which would help with elderly people having heart issues. I started taking it for migraines, and I haven't had a migraine in six months of taking this supplement. It has also helped w/my blood pressure keeping it stable. It is well

worth taking for so many different things.

Post 7

I've been using collagen for the past two years now and I can say that it has made a huge difference. I used to have weak fingernails, prone to breakage but ever since I started taking a collagen supplement, my nails are not weak or easy to break. In addition, it also makes my skin supple and smooth to touch.

I use Neocell Collagen supplement.

Post 6

I have taken collagen for three years now and it has made a huge difference to my everyday life. It has almost eliminated the pain I was suffering from arthritis, greatly improved vascular issues and my skin, hair and nails are much better also.

It's natural and safe -- it's basically a food and a large part of our bodies - -like water is. I hesitated to take it as I am vegetarian, but the benefits I feel far outweigh any qualms I had.

I get mine from a company British company called Xenca.

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I'm wondering if collagen supplements could be the reason for a big improvement in my mom's bladder control. She used to leak all throughout the day, and had to wear mini pads every day, but after taking supplements for three weeks, she says she hasn't had any leaking whatsoever and no more mini pads! This was an unexpected side effect of taking collagen supplements, since she really was only hoping for an improvement in her skin (which she did get).

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I've been reading everywhere that collagen creams don't work all that well. Since there are so many articles out there that suggest this, I wonder why the manufacturers keep making them?

I have read that keratin works much better in topical applications like creams. I actually use a keratin cream under my eyes every night, and I have noticed that the area doesn't look as dried out and wrinkly as it once did. I think that we will see a rise in popularity of keratin creams and maybe even a discontinuation of collagen creams in the coming years.

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I read several collagen supplement reviews online before trying them. It seemed that the large majority of people who had tried them were satisfied with the results, so I decided to give them a try.

Since I've been using them, my skin feels noticeably more supple. My nails don't break like they used to, and my hair looks healthier.

I don't know if they work this well for everyone, but my body sure responded well to them. I intend to keep taking them until I'm so old that nothing can help me disguise my age!

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@seag47 – Collagen supplements are one of the few kinds that I feel totally safe taking. Since our bodies already contain collagen, it isn't like we are introducing something foreign to our systems.

However, I have heard that the collagen in supplements comes from chickens or cows. So, if anyone had a chicken or beef allergy, then they would have to avoid taking collagen.

Other than that, I believe that collagen supplements have no side effects. They are awesome for people like me, who want to combat the appearance of aging skin.

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My mother started taking collagen as a dietary supplement when she turned 45. She got it to help her skin appear younger, but it wound up having a bonus effect.

She had been suffering from arthritis pain for a few years, and the collagen supplements lessened her pain greatly. It didn't do a whole lot about her wrinkles, but she welcomed the reduction in pain with open arms.

I think this is one of the few supplements that actually has good side effects. Mostly, you here about supplements having adverse ones that sound all scary.

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