What Are the Benefits of Cod Liver Oil for Hair?

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Using cod liver oil for hair can make hair stronger, promote hair growth and minimize hair loss. Many of the benefits of this oil come from the nutrients it contains. These nutrients help promote overall health, and overall health is an important part of maintaining healthy hair.

A key benefit of cod liver oil for hair is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids and high levels of vitamins A and D. All three are known to help promote general health. Nutrients encourage healthy hair from the inside by nourishing the hair follicles on the scalp, where hair growth begins. When hair follicles are healthy, they promote the distribution of oils and vitamins down the entire hair shaft.

The disbursement of nutrients throughout the hair imparts a healthier appearance, and healthy hair looks shiny and feels soft. Nutrients from cod liver oil can make the hair stronger and help protect it from breakage. In addition to looking better, healthy, well-nourished hair also grows faster. This is partly because healthy hair needs fewer trims and is less prone to breakage. For these reasons, some people take cod liver oil supplements to help promote hair growth.


Another possible benefit of using cod liver oil for hair is its anti-inflammatory properties. Some hair loss is caused by inflamed hair follicles, and eliminating the inflammation might help keep hair intact, though individual results tend to vary. There is a lack of medical studies that prove this supplement can prevent hair loss, but some people have reported a decrease in hair loss, perhaps in part because healthy hair is less likely to fall out.

Like other oils used in hair products, cod liver oil may have a moisturizing effect if applied directly to the hair, but this is not recommended, because it has a strong fish odor. Instead, cod liver oil for hair can be taken in a variety of pill or tablet forms. It also comes in a liquid form. The liquid form tends to have a fishy taste, which some manufacturers diminish by adding various flavorings. Benefits should be visible after a few weeks of use of cod liver oil.

It can be helpful to consult a doctor for questions about recommended doses. Adverse reactions could arise for people with fish allergies. Taking excessive amounts of cod liver oil also might cause problems for people with certain health conditions.


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Post 5

Has anyone actually put cod liver oil in their hair? I know it smells bad but if it's going to nourish my hair, I can handle it for an hour or two.

Post 4

I bought cod liver oil softgels for my mom. She has been suffering from thinning hair for the past several years. She's tried all sorts of shampoos and hair treatments, but nothing has worked.

When I was researching remedies for thinning hair, I came across cod liver oil. Apparently, the anti-inflammatory properties of cod liver oil help prevent thinning of hair.

It's too soon to know if it's working because she's only been taking the supplements for two weeks. But we have great hopes that this is finally going to be the solution.

Is anyone else using cod liver oil for thinning hair? Is it working for you?

Post 3

@anon332575-- I'm sure it will. Just make sure to take it for at least several months for best results. I've actually made cod liver oil capsules a permanent part of my diet.

Omega 3 is great for hair. My hair and skin is looking beautiful since I started taking cod liver oil supplements. I also take vitamin E capsules with it because omega 3 is absorbed better with vitamin E. Plus, vitamin E has benefits for skin and hair as well.

Post 2

Thank you for the article. I just bought cod liver oil and hope it'll help me to grow my hair faster.

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