What Are the Benefits of Cocoa Butter?

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Cocoa butter comes from the cocoa bean and is the bean's natural fat. Its benefits mainly consist of improving the skin. Cocoa butter is quickly absorbed into the skin and helps dry skin conditions such as dermatitis. It does not have to be reapplied often, and its scent and texture make it an ideal addition to massages. It contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP) which is believed to have an array of health benefits including prevention of the formation of cancerous cells.

One of the reasons why there are so many benefits of cocoa butter for the skin is that it is absorbed so easily. Cocoa butter melts at the temperature of the human body, making it the perfect moisturizer. A number of different moisturizing creams and lotions take advantage of the benefits of cocoa butter by including it as a major ingredient. It also has a soothing scent, which aids relaxation, and a smooth, silky texture, making it useful for giving massages.

Conditions that result in dry skin, such as dermatitis and eczema, are effectively treated with cocoa butter. Its deep penetration through numerous layers of skin makes it one of the most effective remedies for dry skin available. The production of immunoglobulin serves to worsen instances of conditions like eczema, and the CMP in cocoa butter stops their production. Cocoa butter is also useful for protecting the skin from environmental pollutants.


Not having to reapply the cream to the skin several times a day is yet another one of the benefits of cocoa butter. When it is used on a regular basis, it prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated. For this reason, pregnant women use cocoa butter to treat stretch marks and to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

It has been suggested that CMP slows down the development of cancerous tumors and cells because it reduces the body’s active oxygen levels. CMP also stops the oxygenation of good cholesterol (LDL) and inflammatory cell production. Other potential benefits of cocoa butter may include the ability to prevent the spread of heart disease and to help ease the pain of arthritis sufferers.


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