What are the Benefits of Chrome Hubcaps?

Dan Cavallari

Perhaps the biggest benefit of chrome hubcaps is the fact that they will not rust, which means a car owner will get many years of protection and quality aesthetics out of his or her purchase. Chrome hubcaps are also much less expensive than buying chrome or alloy wheels, so a car owner can improve the look and function of his or her wheels without spending a fortune. The options for chrome hubcaps range from very simple styles to more ornate models, and a car owner can choose the best hubcaps according to his or her preferences and price range. A car owner can also install the caps with no special tools in just a few minutes.

Chrome hubcaps typically will not rust.
Chrome hubcaps typically will not rust.

Unlike chrome wheels, chrome hubcaps are not a weight-bearing part of the automobile. They are simply covers that attach to the outsides of the wheels to protect the lug nuts and the rotors inside the wheel from dirt and grime, as well as road salt that can eat away at metal and seize bolts.This means the cost of chrome hubcaps will be significantly less than the price of full chrome wheels. Chrome hubcaps also help to improve the look of an automobile, especially if low end steel wheels are used on the vehicle. Hubcaps can be made from chrome-plated plastic or non-coated plastic, and the chrome plating adds an element of durability, aesthetics, and resistance to decay.

Chrome hubcaps are much less expensive than buying alloy wheels.
Chrome hubcaps are much less expensive than buying alloy wheels.

Since the hubcaps are easier than wheels to make, more shapes and size options are available. A car owner can choose from countless designs to fit his or her vehicle, and usually the only requirements a car owner must adhere to is the proper size to fit the wheel. Some hub caps attach to the wheel by pressing over the lug nuts themselves, so the owner should be sure to choose a set of hub caps that fit the lug pattern. Some wheels come with five lugs — bolts that connect the wheel to the axle — while others come with four or even six.

Some hubcaps are only center pieces that fit over the lug nuts themselves and no other part of the wheel. These became popular after heavier steel hubcaps became known for working loose over bumpy terrain and falling off the wheels. The much lighter center caps were not prone to this problem, so wheel manufacturers began making wheels that required only the center cap. These caps can also be chrome-plated for aesthetics and resistance to corrosion or rust.

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