What Are the Benefits of Cereal for Diabetes?

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While high-sugar cereal is not healthy for diabetics to consume, other cereal, such as oat bran, can help reduce blood sugar levels. Dietary habits can have a direct impact on health. Eating the right cereal for diabetes is one step in controlling glucose levels, which in turn can improve overall health. Whole grain cereals are often recommended as the best choice for diabetic patients.

Diabetics have two to four times the risk of death from cardiovascular disease as those who do not have the disease, according to the American Diabetes Association. Blood glucose and cholesterol are two important and controllable factors when it comes to heart health. Hot oat bran is a high fiber choice. Fiber is essential to a healthy diet. This cereal for diabetes is a good choice, as long as the preparation does not include refined sugars.

The benefits of cereal for diabetes include more than reducing blood sugar levels. In addition, eating the proper cereal for diabetes can reduce cholesterol. Preparing hot oat bran cereal is a healthy start to the day. Cereal for diabetes does not always have to be consumed in the morning, however. Sprinkling oats into dinner preparations, such as ground beef or over fish fillets, provides the same benefits as when eaten hot for breakfast.


One cup of hot oat bran cereal has 88 calories and 7 grams of protein. With only 24 g of carbohydrates in each cup, oat bran cereal is a healthy food to include in a diabetic diet. Another method for reaping the benefits of cereal for diabetes is to include it in baking. Oat bran muffins prepared from a diabetic recipe give the diabetic plenty of needed fiber without the added sugars.

Whether it is eaten cold or hot, it is important that the diabetic choose a cereal that does not have added sugar. One serving per day can have a positive impact on diabetic health. To avoid boredom, the diabetic should interchange eating the cereal for breakfast with using it in baking and dinner preparation. The proper use of cereal, in conjunction with overall healthy eating habits, can help the diabetic maintain level blood glucose and overall good health.


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